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Unraveled Wednesday: Sewing up!

Weekending: New wheels

I can't say that I was actually in the market for a new car, but it was pretty clear that it was either a new vehicle or no Ducky! Not an option. "Goldie," my Escape, was just not up to the task.

Meet "Magneto"!


It's a 3yo Ford Explorer XLT, and will make a fine match with Ducky!

I've gone most of my life without naming my vehicles, but it's not unprecedented in my lifetime... my mom had a 1962 Plymouth (with pushbutton transmission) that she called "The BBB"! That was Bouncing Brown Bomb for the youngsters, Bouncing Brown Bastard for the rest. Hehe.

I feel like I spent most of Saturday driving around -- not a bad thing when getting used to a new vehicle! I had a few errands and my timing was a bit off, so had to rearrange and then circle around.

I figured that I might as well run out to the RV place to grab a cushion from Ducky. There are only two small cushions yet to re-do; one of them was still in the trailer and I needed to reclaim & wash the zipper. I didn't actually get around to cutting fabric or sewing over the weekend, but I now have both (clean) zippers and I'm ready to go. We've reserved three nights at Bay Shore Park Campground for the weekend after next and that job should be complete by then!

On my first errands circle, I'd noticed an "Estate Sale" sign in a very intriguing neighborhood... I was with an angsty hangry Kate, so didn't stop, but made a point to do it on the second loop (why not?). The sale had been pretty picked over by the time I stopped, but the turn-of-the-century house (I'm guessing) was very interesting and fun to see. I did find some silver plated serving pieces that I liked, and some knitting stuff... lots of junk, but there were some "keeper" needles and an intriguing tool:


I did a cursory quick search and didn't come up with much on that item! I'm hoping to dig a little deeper soon. I don't have a clue about how one would use that... DO YOU??

I wandered into the Garden Room yesterday morning (aka, the Sunday NY Times Reading Room) and it was just lovely.


The leaves are turning, falling... it won't be long before the trees are bare. And we're gonna need some curtains in there! Ha. We'll need something on the lower half at least those four in the corner.

As lovely as it started, the day was actually mostly overcast and chilly -- the perfect kind of weather for Chili All Day! (Oh darn, I had to get in the car again.)

Ali & family came over late in the day and stayed for supper. I didn't get any good pics of the girls, but here's what's new with the boys:


They're both growing crazy-fast!

As is Davy's "Safe At Home" blanket:


Well, it's maybe not growing "crazy-fast," but it is growing! So far, I've joined Rows 1+2, 3+4, 5+6 and 8+9, and last night I started joining Row 7 to 8+9. Lordy, it's a a lot of sewing up, it's a little fiddly, there are a bajillion-zillion-and-ten ends to weave in or anchor or trim, but my nose is to the grindstone and it is so worth it to see this thing begin to really take shape. I don't think I'll be finished by the time we go camping, but I should at least be into the border!

How was your weekend?




I hope you, Magneto, and Ducky will be very happy together, with lots of fun adventures! I can't find anything on that Yarn Jockee, only some vintage Mary Lamb knitting/crochet patterns from the 40s. I'm imagining yarn being held between the red and white plates somehow, but for what purpose I don't have a clue!


Congrats on that new vehicle! I predict a joyous marriage between Magneto and Ducky... with happily ever after travels! :)

That Yarn Jockee though... curious. I wonder if it has something to do with machine knitting? I Googled but, like Bonny, only found patterns!

Robby H.

I feel like knitting a border with a small blanket in your lap my be just the thing for your Ducky expedition. Congrats on the new wheels!


Davy is getting cuter with each picture. Love Junah's gap! Magneto is very strong looking and I hope you and he have many fun adventures.. Drive him in good health. We name all our cars in my family. My Dad called all his cars Bessie. I named my first minivan Gypsy because she made me want to travel. My latest SUV is McGee (after NCIS character) hi tech, reliable and good looking. No luck on your new gadget.


I hope Magneto and Ducky have many happy years together! I am envious of the wonderful light in the porch room -- that looks like the perfect place to sit with the paper and a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning!


At least you'll be able to keep warm with the blanket WHILE you're stitching it together! (Good timing!) YAY for your new wheels! What a great looking car -- and it will be perfect for you and Ducky and the grandkids, too. HURRAY! And I love seeing the photos of both Davy and Junah. They do grow awfully fast, don't they??? But . . . YOUR GARDEN ROOM! Oh, Vicki! It's just wonderful. Absolutely perfect! XO


Gosh, Vicki - so much fun/good stuff here! The Garden Room is my favorite non-person view ... that light!!! and I'm thrilled for Junah with the two missing teeth and smiling a happy smile to see little Davy looking so peaceful.


Swooning over here with your garden room. Envious!! The light and then the colors (especially in Fall). Yay for another camping outing planned and good news that you got a new vehicle. It will pair with Ducky perfectly (and be fabulous for carting ALL those cute grandkids around). Chili all day sounds perfect for now. I've always used ground beef when making chili, but I think I wlil try your recipe. Thanks kfor sharing. Davy is simply darling.


Here's to the garden room and many a completed crossword perhaps?! Looking forward to seeing all the places you and Magneto and Ducky go!


Congrats on the new wheels! I had a feeling this might happen once you had towed Ducky a couple of times. I think you'll feel more confidant with this bigger vehicle. Hooray for all the other good things in this post, too: chili all day, your gorgeous blanket, adorable grandsons and OH that garden room!


I think that yarn jockey would go on a spinning wheel.

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