3TT: Yesterday
Why does it always take three tries?

Weekending: Screenshots



Sometimes it's good to laugh until you cry!! It's rare that we're all "together" these days, so that was a big bonus.


The cropped version of this photo was posted on IG yesterday, but I wanted to post it in full glory. The blanket colors are pretty darn true here. The border color reads as just a wee bit more black in person, but it's close. I am CHUFFED to be finished with this phase, and now trying to remember (researching) how to knit on a mitered border... it's been about 10 years since I did that.




Your blanket is gorgeous and I am so looking forward to seeing the border! That conversation is hilarious and just what you need sometimes. We had the same thing recently with a fish emoji, but I will be keeping the toilet in mind for the future. :-)

Margie D.

The blanket looks great! For the border, will you pick up stitches all around the edge and then work YOs at the corner (or something similar) or will you work a strip around the edge and make the corners during that process? It's definitely got my brain going to think about how that would work!


LOL and GORGEOUS (that would be the "conversation" and the blanket). Excellent job Vicki!!!


Isn't it amazing that one little picture can bring so many people to tears with laughter?

The blanket is already spectacular. The border will be like adding the perfect frame to a piece of artwork.


That is one gorgeous "village"... and well plumbed too, it appears. Ha-ha! Just in time to relax under while you knit the border on your Ducky outing.


I.am.dying! LOL (but that blanket tho....definitely not in the crapper! LOL)


The blanket is even better all together rather than their parts. Thanks for sharing the family fun!


I'm laughing but confused - did someone change an emoji on Rusty's phone? The blanket is spectacular!!!


The blanket is AMAZING and your family group text made me spit out my drink ... I sure hope my family doesn't figure out how to do that. ;-)


Okay. My family really needs to up its game! :-D
And, Vicki! That blanket is just incredible. You must be over the moon with how it turned out!!! I can't wait to see that border. XOXO


Hysterical and I'm plotting to change my friends phone as soon as I get alone with it! And the blanket...wooooo hooooo!!!


The blanket is stunning! I love it! Can't wait to see it with the border!

Margene Smith

You are a bunch of kooks! It's so important to laugh, but even more so now! (And, because you're apart). LOVE the blanket. It's a banal thing to say, but it is truly an epic knit and it has a fabulous message.

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