Camping: Calumet


It was a busy & fun weekend. One very exciting thing was taking a brand new Ford Explorer for a test drive! I'm in the market for a different vehicle and, while it most certainly won't be A Brand New Car, it will be newer than what I have. (And, hey, that was fun... did you know that there's an option for a rotary dial shifter?) Anyway, I'm looking to accommodate grandkids, for better towing capability, and for a few features that are lacking on my older car... Bluetooth, rear-view camera, remote starting, heated seats (and maybe even a heated steering wheel... that is the bomb!). I'd really like a sun/moon roof, too, but am willing to forego that for a few other must-haves.



I enjoyed cuddles with Davy on Saturday when I drove out to pick up the big kids, and again on Sunday when their momma came to get them. He was sleeping both times!

I had all three of his older siblings for another overnight -- from about noon Saturday until mid-afternoon on Sunday. The kids camped out on the living room floor and I took a turn on the couch (which used to be a lot more comfortable, I have to say... it could use a Ducky-style re-do or replacement, too!). Despite the couch having seen better days (I've had some epic naps there), I had a really good night's sleep!

We had a fun hour or so decorating t-shirts with puffy paint on Saturday afternoon!


I helped Malina with hers... her attention span isn't quite there (not to mention ability), but she helped hold the bottles and we worked together until she declared, "I'm done."

While my focus was on helping Malina...


Ginny was VERY BUSY... and a little heavy-handed! But OMG, isn't that little guy cute?? The hair and use of color just slay me! There were a few more, um, decorative BLOBS applied toward the top of the shirt after this photo was taken. The directions say "four hours" to dry... Ginny's might be more like four MONTHS! Haha. (Also, anatomy... a bit more refined than the sidewalk chalk art of a few weeks ago. Haha.)


Junah was very intent on his lines-and-squiggles design, and then experimented a bit with some printing/transfer using a foam paintbrush.


My kids decorated a fair number of shirts back in the day -- and Kate got very excited about the prospect of puffy paint, too! (I love this photo.)


There was a bit more added after I took this photo, but you get the idea.

After we found a place for the shirts to dry undisturbed (temporarily, anyway), there was a performance... and lesson.


Haha. You can see how that went down!!

We didn't have the greatest weather over the weekend... it was gray and drippy on Saturday. There was the smallest of breaks when Rusty took the kids on a walk to a nearby park, and Kate & I took McGregor around the block.


The wet leaves looked amazing!

The kids & I picked up a drive-thru lunch on Sunday and headed over to another city park. It was a little bit nicer, still chilly, so we found a spot with as much sunshine as we could while we ate. Then we headed up to the playground area, where we noticed a gathering of people... turned out they were getting ready for a drive-by baby shower for one of Ali's former employees! She saw Ali's van pull up and the kids pile out and thought, Wow, Ali's here early... It was nice to see her and to wish her well!


It was a fun park that I'd never really been to before (not the playground part, anyway). There were two double-sided climbing walls and both Junah & Gin climbed to the top a couple of times (once they were bug-, spider-, and spider web-free, that is!). Some of those little hand-holds were full of water (and stuff), too, which let to some cute little screeches on the ascent.

There was all the usual play, plus fun with McGregor. We also watched a few movies: 101 Dalmations, James and The Giant Peach, Frozen, and Toy Story 4 (yay, Disney+)!

My delight at opening a little surprise parcel of yarn everyday continues...


I haven't opened today's yet (because morning darkness), but here are the four so far.


They are "Lady Baphomet," "There's a razor blade in my apple," "Seance," and "Dorian Gray." There are 30 mini-skeins in the Lambstrings Spooky October Advent Calendar, and a full-size skein on Day 31, so the possibilities are plentiful and I have lots of time to ponder them.

I hope you had a great weekend!




You did a LOT with those kids, I'm ready for an epic nap just reading about all your adventures! Good luck with the new car shopping, too.


I wondered if the new Explorer might be a new "accessory" for Ducky! I might have to keep my 2012 Forester forever as I'm not much for bells and whistles (but I can't say I've really tried too many of them). I love Ginny's purple man and I do hope it dries so she can show it off, and I LOVE your October yarn! I've been enjoying them vicariously and can't wait to see more.


Good luck shopping, now I need a nap after all this activity! LOL (Truly, I am a wee bit jealous! I want to make a puff paint tee shirt!! What fun!!)


Ok, I'm a little tired looking at all of that, but, wow, it looks like fun! I especially love Ginny's honesty about the ballet. I can just see Charlie telling me the same thing about LEGOs (or frisbee, or soccer, or UNO - actually, that was Sam! ;-)


I can't believe they still make puffy paint! That brought back some fun memories of the late '80s/early '90s.


Ha! What a full and fun weekend Vicki! But, like others, I'm ready for a nap having just read about it. I love Malina's "I'm done!" Too funny. And Gin with the ballet comment is hysterical. That is a great picture with Kate, Jun & Gin. And, Davy is just adorable. Good luck with the car shopping (something I hate to do).


Talk about needing an epic nap!!! What a great weekend, Vicki! And thanks for the puffy-paint memories. We had a lot of fun with puffy pain when my kids were little. . . XO


I don't know puffy paint! But I'll not forget it if ever the need arises (some day!). What a great weekend and what lucky kids. I've got a couple of friends with will love it!


Davy just keeps getting cuter. I haven't thought of puffy paint since my girls were 7 or 8. They loved to paint t-shirts. My fav to paint was tote bags. Sounds like everyone had a great weekend! I loved the drive by baby shower idea! Your grandies keep you on your toes! definately nap time

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