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NaBloPoMo 2020.2

NaBloPoMo 2020.1

In which we embark on the TWELFTH year of NaBloPoMo-ing! That's so crazy.

We had some Halloween doings around here yesterday... and even this morning, I was finding wrappers and half-eaten candy! Malina likes to unwrap and test. :)


Little stinker. She also got her first hair cut yesterday! Bangs & a bob. She looks older now!

I bought matching Halloween PJs for the kids and we tried to take some photos.


Some turned out better than others!

I also nabbed the baby for a couple of blanket shots.


Starry starry night!

Safe At Home will eventually go home with him, but there's not a grandchild of mine that doesn't get photographed with Parcheesi! I can't believe it's almost 10 years since I finished that blanket!




How is it that those grandkids of yours keep getting cuter! Looks like you had a great day with all of them and that blanket is spectacular! Happy NaBloPoMo!


Love those pj’s! And the cat bags are pretty cool, too. So lucky to have your grands so close by.

Robby H.

I'll always love Parcheesi, but Davy really does belong with Safe at Home. Meanwhile, the cuteness of your grands keeps multiplying. Don't tell the rest of them, but I think Malina is onto one of the great joys in life - testing the candy before you claim it!


How fun! I love those pj's and want a pair of both! :-)

love, kisses & magical wishes...


Hysterical - Malina testing the candy!! I, too, love the PJs and would love a set of each - do they make adult sizes? I saw one picture of Davy on IG scowling and thought he looks just like Jun! All four kids are just flat out adorable!! And both blankets are AMAZING.


Look at the boys with the same expression -- those genes are strong!


Your grands look so big (except for Davy), and Safe at Home looks wonderful! I always thought Parcheesi was my favorite, but both blankets are so amazing that I couldn't choose just one. Davy looks content and happy on both!


Oh, where even to begin??? Malina with her haircut? The candy-testing? Those pajamas? How grown-up Jun and Ginnie look all of a sudden? The blankets? It's gotta be . . . the priceless expressions on Jun's and Davy's faces!!!! Brothers in arms, for sure. XO
(As always, thank you for sharing your grandchildren. They always warm my heart!)


Oh my! This is a cuteness overload post! I love the Halloween pjs! XO


Cutest pictures - Davy and Jun have the same scowl- Davy on his safe at home blanket is soooo cute. Does Malina like her haircut? It is cute in an old school way. Thanks for sharing.

Margene Smith

My how time has flown! Just look at those kids and how much they have changed in a very short period of time! I love the angel girls and grumpy guys! LOL

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