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Someone posted a while back on FB about this blanket* that's in the Sundance catalog and I have no business thinking about another blanket...

Sundance Crochet Blanket

...yet here we are. Maybe if I just post the picture, I'll get it out of my system.

But couldn't that possibly be a most divine way to use a nice selection of, um, let's say 30 spooky mini-skeins?

*It's $425, which is a lot, but I know we can all appreciate the "hand-spun, hand-dyed, hand-crocheted" aspects, since we all do one or more of those things (or related handwork), and know that it's actually worth all that and more.




Oh, yes, posting the picture is the way to get it out of your system! So how will you do this blanket with your mini-skeins, randomly or with a plan in mind? :-)


Oh my. Yes, it absolutely could! (plus all Cara's crocheting... I think this might be inevitable!)


I love those granny squares! But I think posting it here is just going to toy with your feelings and not diminish them!


I'm thinking it's probably actually be cheaper to do it yourself, even in indie-dyed yarn! But that price is still reasonable, as far as I'm concerned, because crochet cannot be done by machine and you know that blanket had to be hand made.

Robby H.

That could be a very interesting way to use some spooky mini-skeins. And I don't think posting this picture will cause that blanket to haunt you. Nope, not at all. Bwa-ha-ha-haaa.


There are few blankets from Green Letter Day that I desperately await to make...and I don’t even crochet!


that is beautiful and makes me want to learn to crochet...
love, kisses & magical wishes...


I can't believe I didn't stumble on a chorus of DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! because girl, if I had the yarn, I would be doing it! (and not only because crochet is so much kinder about joining squares, and weaving in ends!)


That is one gorgeous blanket and yes! Perfect for your spooky mini skeins. I try to avoid that catalogue (so much to love).

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