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I talked to my sister Ann yesterday. As Wisconsin is soaring in COVID cases, in Peru they're getting ready to re-open.


Long story, short... they won't be coming for Christmas.

We're hopeful for summer... and maybe Auntie Camp will actually involve CAMPING!! Haha.

Anyway, she'd asked me for some Thanksgiving photos... something she needed for school. I'm actually pretty awful at photographing holidays, and have never been the one to jump up and take a photo of the table with all assembled.

But I looked.

And, while I looked, I ran across a couple of other interesting photos...


That's my siblings and me (in red) surrounding my Grandpa Blum on what looks likely to be his birthday (April), and possibly an early celebration because Easter. Not Thanksgiving, but oh, this photo! It looks like Annie is getting her napkin all tucked in, waiting for a slice of that cake!! I'm guessing 1968 or '69, Grandpa would be approaching 60 (b. 1910).


This one kind of floored me. I don't remember seeing it before, though surely I must have because I chose to send it in and get it scanned. Anyway, TOBOGANNING! (It doesn't look like a lot of snow at the top of the hill, but the saucer shows evidence.) My siblings and I, again! I'm second-from-left, leaning on my Uncle Jim. Our dad is the other guy. This had to be mid-70s... '73 or '74, I'd guess.

Anyway, a blast from the past on this Sunday! I hope you're having a great weekend!



Robby H.

It's always a little surprising to see photos that you know you must have seen, but have no recollection of. This has happened a bit lately as I've helped my parents down-size.


i love looking through old photos. my favorite is one of me and my paternal cousins sitting around our great-grandmother (1976) in front of my grandparents christmas tree. i'm going to have to find that one and get it scanned.

love, kisses and magical wishes...

ps... is tobaganning the same thing as sledding?


NaBloPoMo does uncover treasures, and this is another one!


Such treasures to be found in old family photos! I love your sister tucking in her napkin for cake -- she had her priorities straight!


I'm sorry that you won't be seeing Ann and her family for Christmas, but hope for the summer. Your photos have so many interesting details in them. I love everyone's expressions and Annie with her napkin, and toboganning with dirt and stones!


Those pictures are great! I remember toboganning well, I had my head split open when I was 4 and was in an accident on a very popular local hill.


Love those pictures and fingers crossed Auntie Camp can (and will) happen this year.


Annie with her napkin is THE BEST! :-) And I used to have a hat just like the one your sister (I'm gonna guess Sharon. . . ) is wearing. The furry one with the furry pom-pom tie ends. (I hated that hat. . . ) XO


Loved your family photos. I'm really bad about taking pix when we are together. I always ask one of my girls to do it. My photo skills are limited. Holidays without family are empty. I will zoom with my girls
before eating.

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