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I had a fun few hours of Davy-sitting on Saturday morning. The highlight was coaxing some smiles (or reactionary smile-like expressions) from him. He's so freakin' adorable.


And just what I needed.

I had to change his diaper twice, and one of those also required a change of clothes.


Aren't those hedgie pants adorable???

All the kids came over on Sunday afternoon for some belated birthday celebrations, and they brought cake!


Kate made a "healthier" Tater Tot Casserole for supper -- something that's never been in our repertoire, but will be now (with additional notes). The kids liked the tots more than the filling, which isn't surprising. We weren't very prepared in the candle department, so just made do with was on hand... Junah arranged them. They all sang Happy Birthday, and the cake (made by Ali) was delicious!! Three layers of very moist chocolate, cream cheese frosting, chocolate chips, and a chocolate truffle on top (which was mine, all mine!).




I'm enjoying these NaBloPoMo slice of life posts! Davy's expressions are so dear, and I wouldn't mind a recipe for a healthier tater tot casserole.


Oh yes! I want that recipe too. Fletch loves tots (I prefer fries)...but maybe a recipe would please us both. I love those hedgie pants (and want some - you guys find the BEST clothes - PJs included). and Davy - looks SO MUCH like Junah it is uncanny (even tho they are bros). I don't even want to talk about that cake.....

Caffeine Girl

Well, happy belated birthday. You're just a year ahead of me.
That is one adorable boy.
I loved the pics from earlier posts of Split Rock. I just love that area. It's a long drive to Grand Marais, but I think it's worth it!


There is no doubt at all that Davy is eating well -- he's such a chonk! That cake looks delicious. I'm very happy no one tried to steal the truffle from you!


That first pic looks like he's filling his diaper but he's so cute who cares.

Paula Harvey

Required a change of clothes... but for you or Davy or both?! And yet, it didn't slow down the birthday celebration.

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