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I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share my latest FO!



That makes an unprecedented three weeks in a row with a finish under my belt!


Well, despite the fact that it took nine months to finish these mitts, they were really fun to make. This is the first time I've incorporated beads into knitting (except for some knitted wire earrings that I made a long time ago). It was a little fiddly, but the beading was all done on one row. I love that little detail, and the slight heft that the beads add to the cuff.

These mitts were worked almost entirely while on vacation... or three! I started in February when Kate & I went to Asheville; continued (if you can call it that) in March, when Rusty & I went to Mexico -- surreal, as things were beginning to shut down then; and mostly finished early this month on a quiet birthday getaway to Lake Superior's North Shore.


This was one of two kits that I bought about a year ago, so eventually there should be a pair of Princess Lola socks underway. They're little shortie socks that also have a bead detail. I love that the kits even come with special floss for beading.


Gah. I haven't been reading anything... I did listen to a couple of podcasts.

Things will be normal again someday, right? I feel like I'm starting to crack.




Those mitts are beautiful! I've always wanted to try beaded knitting, but have a very low tolerance for fiddly. These look like they might be just the thing!
P.S. I hope you don't crack.


Those look like they were well worth the wait -- and think of all the vacation memories they hold!


I love those and the beads in the cuff are a great addition.

Robby H.

Lovely mitts. I think reading is like other recreational endeavors, our time, focus and energy wax and wane sometimes. I think 4 charming grands might also have something to do with the lack of reading.


What lovely mitts!!! Those beads just make them all . . . fancy. :-)
(Hang in there, Vicki. It is so easy to crack these days.) XOXO


Those mitts are too cute!! The beads are just perfect! :)

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