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Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a virtual wreath-making class with my friend Ann. The florist presenting the class is located literally across the parking lot from work -- danger! danger! -- I often see them outside photographing arrangements.

I picked up our "wreath kits" on Tuesday night and delivered Ann's on my way home, so we were all set for Wednesday night's gathering. There were three designs to choose from, each included a lovely fresh wreath with all the necessary trimmings & treats!


Thank goodness I started setting up early because... devices! Sheesh. Luckily, Rusty had our old laptop sitting there and I was able to get everything working. I think this will now be the default at-home Zoom device (in the Garden Room, anyway)!

I'm in the top row, second-from-left (with the phone), and Ann's right below me.


Incredibly, I was able to not only locate my glue gun, but extra glue sticks, too, on my first try! I can't remember the last time I used that thing. I had a little table to my left with all the goodies.

Of course this would have been more fun in person, but y'know, we do what we can! There were quite a few solo participants in their kitchens or dining room, but a couple of small masked groups -- duos or trios -- hanging in their garages. I really like that idea and will keep it in mind for future...


It's that time of year again when it's dark when I leave for work and dark when I return, so I don't have a photo of my finished wreath... the photo above is from last night at about the half-way mark. I'm off tomorrow, though, and will be figuring out how to hang it on my front door.

Kate's doing the bulk of the outside holiday decor today (temp in the mid-50s) and I can't wait to see! She picked up a whole car-load of stuff a few weeks ago and I have no idea what she has in mind. Surprise!!

I am noticing more holiday decor every time I go someplace... trees up, lights up, inflatables up... how about you?




Definitely more (and earlier!) holiday decor and I'm glad to see it! I love that you took this wreath class and look forward to a photo of the finished wreath!


What a fun thing to do! Even if it is on Zoom! I notice people are decorating much earlier this year. I think everyone is trying to search for some enjoyment this year. Hopefully things will begin to turn around for the better very soon. all the best, Can't wait to see the finished wreath.


Cool class and I can't wait to see your completed wreath - AND what Kate is doing outside!! Definitely more and sooner this year. We've seen Christmas lights and candles in windows (though honestly, some of those are year round which I love). And we already received a Christmas card!


I love your halfway wreath and will look forward to seeing all of your holiday decor in the future. I'm kind of excited about decorating the tree this year; I finally broke down and bought a fake one!

Robby H.

What a cool idea. Like, I never woulda thought of it. Looking forward to the big revewal, plus Kate's handiwork. We have one neighbor that left their Halloween stuff up through the election, which might have been a statement. Then, straight on to Christmas. Otherwise, not really, but I expect next week will see a fair amount as the weather is to be nice.


What a fab wreath! I'm really impressed. I haven't seen too much in the way of holiday decorations here, but then again I'm really only out in the middle of the day, so if people have lights up I'm not seeing them. The only thing I've seen is the jerk with the huge house a few blocks away who puts a giant lighted red ribbon on his house every year had it put up earlier this week.


For some reason, wreaths are the one holiday thing that I get stressed about. Guess I need a tutorial or something.

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