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I spent most of the morning getting the Airbnb ready for what may be our last guests this year... there's nothing else on the books! I did have all of December blocked off for a while when I thought Annie & her family might be coming, needing a place for work/school/quarantine.

My back is telling me that maybe I should consider long-term rentals again. Heh.


I finally put the down comforters on the beds! The natural light in that apartment is amazing... this room was our bedroom when we occupied the entire house.

Anyway, I'm pretty amazed at how well we did with the Airbnb thing this year, and hopefully it will continue.




You've made it look so inviting, and I hope travel and Airbnb stays pick up again in 2021!

Caffeine Girl

You created a great space. You will do so well when people can come to Pack games!

Robby H.

I think there will be a lot of pent up demand when travel becomes safer again. I thought of Annie and crew while listening to a story of the three presidents Peru has had this week! I also said a quick prayer for their safety, although it sounded like it's been reasonably calm all things considered.


It's such an inviting space you've created, I'd stay there in a heartbeat!


It looks so cozy and welcoming! I'm sure that when we come out of this, you'll be booked up again!


What a great space. If you had to give up the bedroom, I hope it gets used a lot in the future! Maybe with the vaccine so close this time next year will be better.

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