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Sarah asked if I had any idea how much yarn I used when knitting Davy's Safe At Home Blanket.

I didn't, really, so the next time it came along with Davy, I weighed it.


Here are the stats:

1140 grams | approx. 2.5 pounds

approx. 11.4 100g hanks of fingering/sock weight yarn
(yarn held double throughout)

approx. 5,245 yards | 4,800 meters

I kept tabs on my trimmings, too.


This cute fabric tote that I found at a shop in Cornwall last year (which seems like 10 years ago) was handy on the table next to me, so I just started filling it up with trimmings.


They're pretty much all there except for the ends trimmed while we were camping.


I accidentally changed units from grams to fluid ounces in the middle of weighing this morning -- so it's a little off (and I wasn't going for complete accuracy, anyway). It's just mild curiosity... that equals over 100 yards of yarn trimmings! Haha.



Caffeine Girl

That blanket is so cool. I haven't mastered intarsia yet, so it's not on my list. I really want to learn brioche stitch -- but first I have some gifts that must be completed!

Robby H.

At 2.5 lbs, that must be a squooshy pile of yarn hugs. Perfect.


Ooo, you could make a few ornaments by putting those pretty trimmings in glass balls! I've done that with scrap trims before and they are really cute. I am just boggled by all that weaving in in order to get to those trimmings!!


I'm thinking of the miles of weaving ends in to get 100 yards of yarn trimmings!


That is incredible -- so much yarn! I'm also impressed that you've kept all the little trimmings. Seems like with the equivalent of 100 yards of them, you should do something with them. Maybe get some of those clear Christmas ball ornaments that you can fill with them?


So many ends to weave in! I remembered this morning the afghan my Nana knit for me when I was little - she used all her scraps from mittens and hats and made a twin size feather and fan afghan for me. I always loved it and considered for the first time today just how many ends she had to deal with!


Geeze! That is a boatload of trimmings! but, what a fabulous blanket.

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