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On Saturday afternoon, Kate & I finally hitched up Ducky to haul out to Ali's for the winter. One of the tires was very nearly flat -- like, too flat to drive anywhere. But guess what? I have a "new" air compressor -- purchased last year in MI when my old one died while Kym & I were airbrushing fabric -- and it has a fitting for tires. Kate fished out Ducky's extension cord while I ran for the machine and we were on the road in no time.


It's looking very much like November.

We brought the three big kids -- Yes! Malina is now a BIG KID!! -- home with us and Kate set them all up to make some "candy" decorations.


Of course they all did their own thing!


Ginny spent a lot of time squirting paint onto her plate and stirred herself up quite a slurry.

“I’m making a rainbow, Auntie Kate. Auntie Kate, listen to me. You have to use all the colors, okay? You have to make the rainbow before you can put the rainbow on.”


Plastic plates, cellophane, ribbon & some stakes. It's so darn cute. Rusty put the "light array" on the front door and I hung my wreath -- the same old pinecone wreath that I always have on the front door (the door's open, so you can't see that part in the photo above). The new one that I made is just a little too big for the front, so I hung it on the pergola. I had one out there several years ago and really liked it -- we see & enjoy it ourselves in that location more than on the front door, anyway. All I want in front yet is a light on the espalier tree.




Those candy decorations are so adorable! I'm wondering if we could do something similar to decorate the library for the season.


Such wonderful decorations, Vicki! Those "candies" are perfection. (And my air compressor is still in its box . . . Tom will be so excited to hear there is a tire attachment. I didn't realize!) XO


I'm glad for the tire attachment and glad to see the festive candy decorations (and the festive candy decorators)! I love your espalier tree!


Those candy decorations are wonderful!! And, like Bonny, I love your espalier tree - fabulous!!


Gonna totally borrow that candy decoration idea ... it's perfect! glad y'all got Ducky tucked in for the winter. and I'm wondering if Marc's air compressor has a "craft" setting?! so far, he's only used it to inflate tires ;-)

Margene Smith

Your house looks like a wonderland! How very cute and fun for the kids!


Those "candies" are so cute -- such a clever idea and a great way to get the kiddos involved in holiday decorating!

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