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Nothing's really coming together today, and I'm feeling pinched for time, too. This time of year, right? I'll be off the rest of the week, but it's loaded up with stuff to do.

So, I thought I'd share a few photos from our trip to the North Shore... all about the light, color, texture.


This was the view from our "cottage." And this was sunrise. I slept OK up there, but I saw the sun rise on most days. I loved the texture of these trees.


We hiked at Split Rock, Gooseberry Falls (where Kate camped), and Tettegouche... we really lucked out in the weather department. These photos scream knitting inspiration to me... colorwork and cables. You can really see where some of the amazing color combos come from in Shetland and Fair Isle knitting, can't you?


Ever since I took a class with Fiona Ellis a few years ago... OK, how in the world was that 14 years ago?

Anyway, I remember Fiona Ellis talking about tree roots and how fascinating they are, and wouldn't it be fun to try knitting some? I've taken photos of interesting tree roots ever since. Trying to make sense of the scene above just about blew our minds. How the... ?? Anyway, that's some big-time inspo.


And that's Rusty on the day we left for home... the "worst" day. Stitches on his nose from a fall on those very same rocks a few days earlier, he just couldn't stop himself. BTW, the stitches were removed about a week and a half ago and the scar is barely visible unless you're really looking for it.




I LOVE looking at tree roots. They are fascinating. I also love your sunrise picture. I see the sun come up most mornings (from my bed) and I enjoy all the different colors. Glad Rusty's nose healed well. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! Hope you find some quiet moments (ha!)

Robby H.

Good to hear your companion has recovered. Maybe you need a scarf with some cabled roots? The wild cables MDK did in their second book might be just the ticket.


Gorgeous photos and those tree roots! They definitely look like cables. And that makes me think . . . I have a photo of a tree for my post tomorrow and I'm thinking bobbles!


Your photos are beautiful.

Glad Rusty's nose healed up well. Now he has a permanent souvenir of your trip.


Yes! Those rocks, especially with the golden color on them, remind me of Shetland so much! Great knitting inspiration


Gorgeous photos, I love those roots and rocks!


Those are gorgeous photos! I can see the cables and the colorwork ... what a cool way to think about knitting!! (and so thankful Rusty's nose healed up so well - and quickly!)


I definitely think of cables when I see tree roots! There's a tree along my exercise route that has some pretty amazing roots in a tangle because it's been planted in one of those spaces between the sidewide and the curb. It seems a bit sad to restrict a tree to such a small place, but the tree has clearly adapted!


Beautiful pictures Vicki and YES to the roots! I just caught up on your November...plenty of smiles in this month. :-)

Margene Smith

Your have found some amazing textural inspiration. I've been craving cables as it has been ages since I knit one. Maybe a cabled sweater is in is my near future. Knowing the backstory to the picture of Rusty on the rocky shore gives makes it a more meaningful picture. Glad the wound healed well!

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