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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


We brought the tree up yesterday and I replaced the two dead light strings that I'd removed last year when we took it down. Kate's hanging the stockings on the staircase.


Kiddos commenced with decorating when they arrived.


Junah made some new ornaments! :)

We had a nice day yesterday, even with a broken ornament or two and a piece of pumpkin pie w/whipped cream face-down on the floor.





You are way ahead of me with the Christmas decorating. I did manage to take down all of the fall and Thanksgiving stuff this morning, at least.


I love the Christmas paper airplane and those gorgeous stockings!

Caffeine Girl

I am not at all surprised that you do a great job with Christmas decorating!
It looks like a lot of work, so I'm happy to admire other people's decor!


Love the stockings! I’m working from the outside in this year. The tree will come up this weekend and slowly get decorated, last year my three granddaughters helped.


What beautiful stockings! I am also very amused by the paper airplane "ornaments" in the tree!

Margie D.

I noticed your Marjorie stocking because my youngest kiddo is a Marjorie. It's a family name for us. If we go back far enough, we find it spelled Majorie. Our joke is that because these people lived in the South, they didn't need that "r" in there to pronounce it correctly. Is it a family name for you too?

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