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NaBloPoMo 2020.28 | Parcheesi Day

It's practically a tradition that I celebrate the anniversary of the day I bound off the last stitch on my Parcheesi Blanket!


Here is my original FO post. It's a trip down memory lane to read some of the names in the comments... also a bit melancholy.


It's been 10 YEARS!!


Can you believe it? Parcheesi was my first epic project... it's still in regular use and will always be a favorite.




Parcheesi still remains one of my all-time absolute favorite knitting projects ever, and the photo shoot is just perfect, too. The couple, the dusting of snow, and the fact that it's snuggled four grandchildren and I'm betting several others have napped under it are all wonderful. Congratulations and well done, Vicki!


Your Parcheesi is the grandest thing ever! Happy 10th Anniversary to Parcheesi!


One of my all time favorite knitting stories! It still takes my breath away.

Julia in KW

I love seeing that blanket!


It's one of my favorites that you have done, the colors are so joyful.


10 years! I can't even believe that! It's still one of my most favorite knitting projects anyone has ever done!


It makes me so happy to know that you're still using and enjoying it a decade later!

Robby H.

I might have been willing to say you could never top Parcheesi, but Safe at Home is a worthy competitor. You have such an eye for color. Happy birthday, Parcheesi!

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