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NaBloPoMo 2020.29

First attempt:


Already undone and moving on to another idea. The "tufting" is too loose, but I don't want to make it tighter because it won't look/feel that great. Also, not centered... I usually like things on the asymmetrical side of things, but not this.

It seems like most things are taking three tries these days... maybe I'll get away with two for this!




This looks pretty good, but I'll be interested in seeing try #2!


It looks great but I would remove the tufting unless there's some reason you think you have to have it.


So dang cute! (And I agree with Barbara . . . I wouldn't tuft it at all.)


I'd agree -- omit the tufting altogether! I wouldn't mind a cute button sewn on for the doornobs, but I don't think the pillow really needs tufting (and I think it would look odd anyway no matter where you placed them, either off-center for the pillow or off-center for the houses).


It's very cute as is but I bet your modifications will make it even better.

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