NaBloPoMo 2020.29
I'm going to learn to bake a cake!

NaBloPoMo 2020.30 | That's a Wrap!

I can't believe it's the last day of November. I'm pretty sure I've said that on the last day of just about every month for the past two decades, but especially for the past nine months!


Button "doorknobs" affixed, no tufting, taken in the o'dark-thirty of the morning before leaving for work... just turning cobalt outside.

Yesterday, I made good progress on a similar project, also destined to be a pillow but possibly square. I'll have to decide that before I do anything else.


This is the "Village" design from MDK Field Guide N0 16: Painterly

I've done intarsia only a handful of times... it's fiddly and tangly and this is far from perfect and I'm OK with that. There may be some improvement when the ends are woven in and it's blocked!


I'm making do with what I have while I await a yarn order (or two), and made a color card with my subs. The yarns for #11 & 13 are on the lighter side weight-wise, but I'm OK with that, too. Making do.




You make intarsia and NaBloPoMo look easy!


the pillow is fabulous! i've never tried intarsia, i'm not even sure what it is. i'm still trying to get through a basic sweater. :-)
love, kisses & magical wishes


So tangly -- but so worth it! I can't wait to see your next pillow! (And I think "no tufts" was the way to go.) :-) Congratulations on another successful NaBloPoMo. XO


Love the pillow! I think it's perfect.


I love your pillow and it looks great with that chair! I'm very tempted to learn intarsia but I hate fiddly so . . . maybe not!


Love that pillow with the button doorknobs. Looks fabulous on that chair too.


Congratulations on another successful NaBloPoMo! and I'm super impressed to see you're already diving into to another "OMG ENDS!!" project!

Margene Smith

You did it! I love the way the pillow looks in your sunroom chair! That looks like the spot to sit and watch the light return to the sky each day.

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