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A sigh of relief today!


Continuing a long tradition of handmade cards, Rusty painted this for my birthday. I shared it on IG this morning, and wrote, "I feel like I am pretty calm and laid-back about things, but sometimes I need a reminder! #optimism"

A few hours later, it was announced that Joe Biden & Kamala Harris would be our new President & Vice-President!!




that's a beautiful card! and it's a great day today! in case i missed your birthday, happy birthday!

love, kisses & magical wishes...


I'd say this year you got an excellent birthday present, even if it was a little bit late!


I love that card, particularly because I now feel like it's TRUE!


That is a truly wonderful card and Rusty was right!


Wonderful card and prophetic. Even if a little after the day, the best birthday present. May we continue on this path.


Rusty sure made a wonderful and timely card. I finally can take a deep breath. My body immediately relaxed upon hearing the news. I hope your trip up north went well. I feel like having a party to celebrate but it will have to be on zoom.

Robby H.

Belated birthday wishes! It's not every year you get a swell present like your choice of President. Hope the rest of your day lived up to that... somehow.

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