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Good morning!


There was way too much excitement around here yesterday! Celebrating with Joe & Kamala, finishing the hat for my cousin, a lakeside wedding to "oversee." And then I ended up taking Rusty to urgent care for 9+ stitches at the end of his nose after he tripped & fell on some rocks at the shore! He's doing fine... nothing is broken and there were no other injuries outside of a few other scratches (and a very scratched phone). His poor nose is red & swollen, but it doesn't really hurt, and he slept very well last night. Whew.

Today is our last full day on the North Shore, and it's going to be GORGEOUS!!




Oh dear, poor Rusty. That's a lot of stitches for a nose. His phone should have stayed in his pocket so it wouldn't get scratched. The shore looks so peaceful and beautiful. A great place to celebrate a return to America the Beautiful!


It was a wonderful day with Joe & Kamala, except for Rusty's mishap. I'm glad it doesn't really hurt because it sounds awful!


Ouch! Tell Rusty that you've had enough excitement for one weekend! I'm glad that at least most of the excitement was happy.


Poor Rusty! I hope he's still feeling fine!


Oh no! Sorry about the nose. Love the card he made you Vicki. So true...

Margene Smith

Sorry to hear of Rusty's fall, but very happy to hear he's not badly hurt and is doing well. Your picture shows the golden light of this time of year.

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