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We had a lovely hike yesterday at Tettegouche State Park. There are so many great state parks in this area, and we were happy to visit a few.


Today is the first cloudy day of our visit, and rain is expected... it's also departure day! We'll get ahead of the weather at some point on the way home, it's supposed to be sunny & 73°F there today!

The next time we see this kind of weather in the Upper Midwest will likely be in May or June!




Such lovely photos this morning for us, now it might be time to winterize Ducky and tuck her away for the winter?


Safe travels home!


Not that long ago, I was wearing jacket, hat, and gloves to take Tap out. This weekend, shorts. Come on, Fall!


I think you were on Shovel Point in the photo. I live just 2 hours northeast of Grand Marais, near Thunder Bay, Canada and know the north shore well having explored it many times over the years. This year we've been unable to visit so it was a delight to see your photos. You sure got a great week for your trip 'up north'.


Those are marvelous photos; thanks for sharing!


What a gorgeous place!! How was Kate's camping in Ducky alone? Safe travels home.


Y'all sure picked the perfect time to visit ... and looks like you've collected lots of wonderful memories of warm sunshine and open spaces to tuck away for the winter.


I thought about you guys so many times this past week/weekend! You truly chose the most perfect days for a late-year camping trip to the North Shore. (Seriously, you could not have ordered more perfect conditions.) I've enjoyed seeing all your lovely photos on IG -- such a treat! Welcome home. XO


The photos you've posted here and on IG are so beautiful -- thank you for taking me on a little virtual vacation!


One of my favorite trips ever was driving around Lake Superior... that north shore is just stunning! Your photos were so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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