3TT: Randomness!

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

ONE. Have you heard of "cocoa bombs"? Are they big by you? I mean, like, can't find them anywhere and/or keep up with demand? Ali's POS/online ordering system couldn't keep up last week when she announced a batch!

It's both a blessing and a curse. A small business like Ali's needs every little bit these days, so she's doing her best to ride the wave and keep up... no small feat with four kids between 3mo and 6y at home! Also, standards. They're gorgeous and her nana would be proud.


Anyway, she's sells them in boxes of two or four. I packed up two 4-packs yesterday to send to one of Ann's former assistants (and her family) here in WI who is recovering from covid.


It's a large chocolate shell filled with cocoa mix and other things, depending on flavor... a truffle, mini marshmallows, peppermint pieces, etc. You put them in the bottom of a mug -- and these are HUGE, so the biggest one you've got -- and slowly pour in hot milk; the shell melts and the filling "explodes." Junah was quite impressed in the test video that Ali sent us. Haha.


As you might guess, they're pretty fragile, so I wrapped each one in plastic wrap, so that even if there was breakage, it would still be salvageable to make a cuppa cocoa. There's a couple layers of bubble wrap + parchment underneath, along with crinkle paper all around -- and then more packing material in the actual shipping box. I'm anxious to see how they fare...

(I had a bag of yarn delivered the other day that was torn completely open... thankfully nothing was missing or damaged! I think a large gap in the packaging got caught in some equipment.)


Since I was in packing mode, I finally got a couple of boxes put together that I've been meaning to send for over a year. It feels so good to have those things on their way!

TWO. Kate's mixing up some tinctures in order to make bitters, and eventually some kickass cocktails.


She'd given me the book Handcrafted Bitters for Christmas a few years ago and I've made a few things... but, you know, this year we're at next level with all.the.things! Some of these tinctures are ready today!

THREE. Finally, the sky this morning grabbed me from the minute I walked out the door.


The photo above (from outside my garage) doesn't really do justice, but you can kind of see that something cool is going on beyond those branches. When I left the coffee shop a few minutes later, I saw the girls standing outside the door to have a look-see. And by the time I got to work:


And still pretty stunning a few minutes later.


Happy Thursday, peeps! The weekend is almost here!




Those hot chocolate bombs are crazy popular here, too! I have a friend who makes them but I've yet to be able to purchase any before they sell out. Gorgeous sky photos!


I saw some at Costco a while ago, but at $45 for four of them, I chose not to purchase. Now I kind of wish I had! With cocoa bombs, bitters, and a stunning sky, things are looking pretty good in your neighborhood!


I must have my head under a blanket as I have not heard of cocoa bombs, but they sound (and look) delicious. Those bitters look really interesting. I may have to go search on line for that book...thinking it might be something Colin would enjoy. Gorgeous sky!!!

mary mcmahon

Vickie, do you know what gets "wrapped around" the cocoa mix to hold it while being enrobed in chocolate? I would love to try these. thanks, Mary in Cincinnati


Made me look! I haven't ordered my molds yet, but they're in my cart. LOL


I have only just heard about cocoa bombs -- and Ali's look delicious! I haven't yet had one myself, but I have a feeling that someone in my house will want to try one soon!


I have not even HEARD of these cocoa bombs! (You'd think I'd been living in a cave for the last 9 months or something. . . . ) They are so cool -- and I can see why they're so popular. Ali's are just gorgeous -- too pretty to pour hot milk on, for sure. You and Kate do the most FUN projects together. I can't wait to hear all about the tinctures. And . . . that sky! Wow! XO


I never heard of cocoa bombs. I had to read twice to be sure I understood it. Now I'll have to try to make some. The sky is gorgeous-I'm not usually up early enuf to see sunrise. When I worked I was always up then. I love retirement. My SIL loves bitters I'll have to look for that book for him.


This is the first I've heard of cocoa bombs, but I understand how they'd be crazy popular!
Gorgeous, gorgeous sky. Thank you for sharing.

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