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A word

I've had an unsuccessful attempt or two at having a WORD... One Little Word or a Big One... it didn't matter, it just never quite clicked.

But I think I've found one... not just for today or this year, but FOREVER. It comes to mind often, and today a version of this appeared in front of my eyeballs:



That's my Forever Word.

That is all.




It's a Good One!

Jen A

Love it! The Casals quote is perfect!


That is an excellent word - a forever word


excellent word. my word for 2021 came to me a few months ago and i'm thinking if 2021 goes well it will be my forever word too.
love, kisses & magical wishes...

Robby H.

That seems like a word that is both wise and encouraging.


Such a perfectly wonderful word . . . forever and always!


We talk about lawyers and doctors practicing their profession -- and if it's good enough for them, it should be good enough for all of us!


Practice can be applied to just about everything, it's a wonderful forever word!


Good word, great quote, wonderful watchword! Malcolm Gladwell wrote a whole book about it, Outliers.


Wonderful word! I've tried doing the one little word and I always fall off the bandwagon - either in January (LOL) or another month....

Margene Smith

This is a PERFECT forever word!

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