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A word

I'm going to learn to bake a cake!

Ha. And not just any cake... Christmas Cake!

And not just any Christmas cake... Le Bûche de Noël!

And not with just anyone...

My fabulous friend for such a long, long time Kate Gilbert -- former knitwear designer extraordinaire (Clapotis, anyone? 23,400+ projects and counting) and creative director of Twist Collective, currently applying all that amazing creativity to baking as le gâtelier -- is offering a pre-recorded video course with step-by-step instructions with everything from choosing the ingredients to making meringue mushrooms.

Meringue mushrooms!!

This is a limited pre-sale for only $50, and if you're interested in more info or signing up, here you go: Bûche de Noël pre-sale.


We've begun to jot down some ideas about our Christmas menu, too.

For sure, THERE WILL BE CAKE!! 😜



Robby H.

Please note that I have strong sous chef skills developed while working in a chaotic environment. (OK, pretty much any kitchen.) Willing to travel and quarantine. Understand quarters may be available on the premises. I will be practicing mushrooming while I await word of your decision.

I actually made one of these when I was about 14? Excellent project for someone who doesn't know enough to know such a thing can be an epic undertaking. And I'm sitting here pondering if that is too much Christmas dessert for two.


I am looking forward to seeing how this goes! I tend to be a box mix cake baker, so this is a bit outside my skill set, but I can certainly appreciate all the work that goes into it.


I've always wanted to make one of these!


Oh, I can't wait to hear all about/see this! What FUN! I love this adventure and look forward to following along. XO


One year (I think when he was in grade school), Colin came home with a recipe book from his class. One of the recipes was for a Buche de Noel and we did make it several times. Ours were never pretty though (but they sure tasted great). They are a lot of work, but they are also fun to make. Col & Mailing will be hosting (again) this year and so far the menu is Crab Cakes and Black Forest Cake. I'm excited!!!


I have a few of those Clapotis under my belt! and YUM ... I had no idea Kate Gilbert was a pastry chef. and your menu is already sounding delicious!


I helped a friend make one of these- you need to take your time to get it right-I'm not all that patient.
She was so it looked as good as it tasted. have fun!

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