Year In Review
Weekending: Happy New Year!

So long, 2020

Here's my Top Nine (IG) for 2020:


I have to laugh that 4 of 9 feature Davy's SAFE AT HOME blanket!  😂  There's lots of colorful knitting, the inspiration that is Kaffe Fasset (I've been a fan since the 80s), a new grandson, another trip around the sun (Hello, 62), and the Marriage Window finding its place after 35+ years. The Garden Room expansion was a huge unexpected bonus this year.

I'll leave you with this... it made me laugh!

133761885_1106609759793581_3058921497692483728_oHAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!



Robby H.

Looks like a year full of good things, thanks for taking us along!


Love that instagram mosaiac! I'll tell you what I'm wearing to the living room tonight: flannel pants! Dale and I bought new matching ones to ring in the new year!


How nice seeing Safe at Home 4x, Davy, Parcheesi, the marriage window, and the knitter that di all that wonderful making, all in one place! I'm wearing a flannel nightgown to my living room celebration tonight (which is pretty much what I might be doing even if there wasn't a pandemic)!


happy new year... i'm sorry to hear that you were sick and i hope that you and everyone else is feeling much better...
love, kisses & magical wishes...


I love your top nine! What a beautiful capsule of your highlights!! (and I confess... I wore my pj and it felt so darned good! lol)


I suppose I'm among the minority -- I've been doing living room New Year's Eve for years! Last night was actually a bit of anomaly, as I stayed in my clothes until around 9 p.m.

I think your collage captures the year really well: Davy, the epic blanket, the Marriage Window. Let's hope that next year's photos feature many more people in them, eh?

Caffeine Girl

You managed to have a pretty good year despite Covid -- including getting the virus.
I love that Safe at Home blanket. If I had a grandchild, I'd make one, too.
Hoping for an even better year in 2021.


Like Sarah, we've been doing living room New Year's Eves for decades! I was in leggings and a sweater...but I didn't make it past 9:30!! Your collage is so pretty and colorful and full of wonderful things )and people).

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