Unraveled Wednesday: 2020

To pass the time

OMG. I don't think I ever watched so much TV as while recovering from Covid... and knitting gnomes, of course.

There were three days during recovery when I didn't even hit 1000 steps, three more that were well under 2000. I am still well under my meager goal most days, but wow... from the bedroom to the bathroom to my chair & repeat for almost a week. Crazy. I never went outside on those days, either, but I did open the door a few times.


Speaking of gnomes, I finished Junah's last night! (I may cut off the hat, re-stuff & re-knit... he's just not weighted/sitting right). Anyway, there's the whole Wayside Gang! From left: Malina's, Ginny's, Davy's, and Junah's.

BTW, Ali messaged the other day and said that Junah has started calling Davy "Junior," and now that's his name forever and ever. So adorable! We're getting together on Saturday for a belated Christmas, and then we'll go out there in a few weeks for Junah's SEVENTH birthday! I can hardly believe it.

Anyway, back to our viewing over the past almost two weeks:

We watched several episodes of the Great British Baking Show (holidays!), Grand Designs, Cabins In The Wild, and Nick Knowles' Original Home Restoration -- think home improvement, but in the UK! Thatched roofs and crazy old stuff. What I found interesting was that often, at the end of the show, the project wasn't even finished. It was like, "time's up, here's where it's at." It was kind of refreshing, in a way... a bit more REAL.

We started watching/re-watching Vikings from S3 because the final season will be released in a few days and we're getting primed.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom was... good. There was a lot I liked, some aspects that I wasn't crazy about (sort of stage-y, to me), but the costumes and sets were incredible!

It had been a long time since I watched The DaVinci Code, and don't think I'd ever seen Angels & Demons before.

Vanity Fair was good!

Can you believe we've never seen Die Hard? We watched the original, sometimes billed as a "Christmas movie," and it was pure adventure and craziness. Oh, and I'd seen a post on the This Was Hollywood IG account that Die Hard was Alan Rickman's first-ever movie role... and I knew that we'd be watching Love Actually at some point... it just seemed fitting.

The Family Stone is finally growing on me... it's practically blasphemous, I know, but Diane Keaton is usually just a little too loopy-hippy-dippy for me, so I've poo'd it in the past. But she's really not too bad in this movie, and some of the other performances -- Sarah Jessica Parker (also not a favorite) is casting perfection.

The Proposal is just FUN! Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, Betty White, Mary Steenburgen, and Craig T. Nelson (also the dad in The Family Stone)... goofy rom-com.

I didn't ball my eyes out quite as much as usual watching Love Actually this year... but still went through plenty of tissues!

BRIDGERTON!! People! This series is such a treat in so many ways! We have two episodes left... probably this evening.

So, all that and a few gallons of VitaminWater are what helped get me through! And lots of sleeping.



Robby H.

Ah-ha! Someone else that feels like I do about Diane Keaton and admits it. I start out liking her and then about 30-60 minutes later she becomes that person you know that is Just. Too. Much. to have them be a regular friend.

Glad you're on this side of that experience and looking forward to doing things. Now, stop with the gnomes before I catch whatever causes that madness. ;- )


I've been watching Repair Shop (painstaking repairs of family heirlooms) on Netflix and love it, so I think I'll try Nick Knowles' Home Restoration. I'm glad you had TV, vitamin water, sleep, and gnomes!


Oooh! That is a nicely curated watch list! I have pulled one or two things from your list! Thank you! (and that gang of gnomes! LOVE!!)


What would we do without streaming???? We've been re-watching Ted Lasso this week. I'm not sure if I can convince Tom to watch Bridgerton. Thoughts? And - so far - I've escaped watching Die Hard this year. Tom usually talks me into it at least once a year . . . although neither of us consider it a Christmas movie!

I'm so glad you're feeling better! XO


So glad you are feeling better and love your gnomes!! I feel exactly the same about Diane Keaton and Sarah Jessica Parker. Junah is such a character - it's a hoot that he is calling Davy Junior!!! I am not much of a TV watcher, but I'm thinking of Bridgerton and I'm betting Fletch would love Cabins in the Wild!


I don't love The Family Stone but I adore Love Actually. Dale and I finally started The Queen's Gambit last night and I'm looking forward to Bridgerton when we finish with QG. Thank goodness for the technology that gives us so many options to entertain ourselves at home!


Somethings Gotta Give, Because I Said so, & Five Flights Up are Diane K's flims that I enjoy. Jun is quite a character! How did he get to be SEVEN!! I'm currently binging on Virgin River. the books are better.
Continue healing.


If you had to be sick, you certainly picked a good time for it in terms of what was available to watch while you were recuperating! I just started Bridgerton last night and it is perfection! Love your little army of gnomes. I think them being a little tilted gives them character.

Caffeine Girl

Glad you are taking it easy!
Thanks for the the streaming ideas and comments. I wasn't sure what to think about Bridgerton, but now I will definitely give it a try.
And I didn't know about Vanity Fair, so I'll have to look into that.

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