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Year In Review

Unraveled Wednesday: 2020

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share a review of my 2020 Knitting & Reading!


It was an OK year! Details of all on Ravelry; I am knitorious.



  • (1) Cardigan
  • (1) Pair of beaded, fingerless mitts
  • (2) Shawls
  • (1) Pillow
  • (1) Epic baby blanket
  • (1) Messy bun hat
  • (4) Christmas Trees
  • (3) Gnomes*

Started/Current WIPs:

  • (1) Shawl for a friend (no deadline)
  • (1) Village Pillow (fuzzy deadline)
  • (1) *Gnome that needs fixing
  • (1) Gnome for my sister Ann



I didn't meet my arbitrary "goal," but I did manage to read a couple more books than last year (though around 300 fewer pages)!




I also listened to Break Shot: My First 21 Years, James Taylor's memoir on Audible and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Dabbled/started (audio): Beowulf, So You Want to Talk About Race, and Hamnet; and purchased five other titles that I haven't even begun yet. I'm going to restart Hamnet very soon!

And in pages, I added:




I had forgotten about your lovely Arrows, and it's so nice to see Safe at Home and all the gnomes. It does look like a pretty good year in both knitting and reading, and I wish you nothing but the best in 2021!


Ooo! Nice reminder on starting an Arrows! (and your book list has a couple of things that I think I need to read!!) Thank you!


Your knitting projects are all wonderful but Davey's blanket definitely steals the show! Good reading list, too! Thanks for reading our bloggy book club picks!


I'd say you had a wonderful year of knitting and reading! Your book selection includes a few new-to-me titles ... not that my TBR needs any help :-)


I see an excellent mix of projects and books! Also, I think your Safe at Home blanket really wins the year -- that was a monster and a masterpiece of a project!

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