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Heh. That was a long one. I can't believe it's been nearly 3 weeks!!

I'm popping in REAL quick to say HI!

There's nothing new for anyone who follows along on FB or IG. More details may be forthcoming in the future but, in short, I tested positive for COVID on the 17th (Kate did, too, and Rusty also had symptoms). I had been feeling a little "iffy" for a few days prior (but with none of the more common/telltale signs: no fever, no loss of taste or smell, and other symptoms developed after-the-fact rather than being a "tell"). Kate told me that my lips were turning a little bit blue on the evening of the 18th... thankfully that turned around! I was super sick/tired/achy all that weekend and early last week, and then sl0wly started to pull out of it with a bit of improvement each day.

A week ago I printed a pattern and gathered some supplies, but it took two days to muster the energy to cast on, and then the floodgate opened...


A little parade of gnomes has been falling off my needles ever since. I'd knit at least four of these guys a couple of years ago... from Susan B. Anderson's Gnome pattern, recently updated to include mods for a Big Gnome.


I'm not very good with flipping pages back & forth to incorporate new+old directions, even in the best of times, so two of these gnomes are more medium sized. Heh. I finally notated the original pattern w/changes for the larger size and the one in the middle reflects that a bit more accurately! From left to right, these are for: Davy, Ginny, Malina. And I cast on Junah's while I watched the Packer game last night. They're so cute and fun to knit, with just a little bit of fiddly -- details that really make them shine (IMHO).

I hope you all had a good holiday -- made the best of it. I haven't seen my grandkids in a few weeks and I'm excited for a belated Christmas with them (date still TBD).

Anyway, I'm/we're feeling a little more energetic everyday! Definitely better... and I'm looking forward to putting 2020 in my rear-view.




I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better, and hope the same is true for Kate and Rusty. I think the ability to knit slightly fiddly yet adorable gnomes is a good sign, and I hope you get to see the grandkids soon. Only three more days of this he**ish year, but on the positive side, you've got antibodies now!


Yikes! I hadn't seen/known since I don't do FB and rarely look at IG. So glad/thankful you are ok and trust that Rusty and Kate are too. And no grandkids for 3 weeks???? Unheard of! Those gnomes are simply adorable and they will be so loved. Looking forward to seeing Jun's! Take care and stay healthy!!


I am so glad you're feeling better, Vicki. I have been thinking of you and sending ALL the juju your way. XO And those gnomes! I knit 6 or 7 of the little boogers a few years ago (I think I was sick at the time, too -- although just bronchitis) and they are SO addictive and so much fun. I just love your new collection -- and I know the kids will, too. (Hope you get to see them soon.) Good health to all! :-)


I of course thought the worst when you didn’t post for a while. So glad you are all recovering. What a scare! Here’s hoping for a better year coming for the whole family.

Robby H.

Um, blue-ish lips not good, unless you've been eating those blue malted Easter eggs. But I digress. Very glad to hear you are all doing better, I hear being patient with yourself and not over-doing things is wise. Gnome knitting seems like an excellent finish to a year that cannot leave fast enough. Sending you wishes for health and joy in abundance in 2021.


Prayers answered-glad you're better- Have a happy new year!


Vicki, I am so glad you are all on the getting-better path. Our family of 2 parents and 2 adult children also caught the virus, probably from exposure right before Thanksgiving, despite following all the rules and precautions. Thank goodness we all were considered mild cases, with various symptoms, and those have now all resolved with the exception of an occasional cough. So, so fortunate!!
Hugs with your grandkids will be so much sweeter once you get the all clear.
Here's to a healthier 2021 :)


I am glad you are turning the corner and hope all of you are feeling better soon! Hugs to you all! XO

PS, my son is moving to Wisconsin (MKE area) early next year for a job promotion, so maybe I will get your way!!


Vicki, glad you are on the road to recovery and hope that Kate and Rusty are better, too. The gnomes are delightful and I’m sure the grands will love them. Here’s hoping that is soon!

Caffeine Girl

OMG! I was beginning to worry since you were silent for so long. I'm so sorry that you got THE virus, but glad to hear that you are on the mend. Take care of yourself. This one can hang around for awhile.
The gnomes are darling and very cheerful!


Seeing those gnomes start to pop on Instagram told me you were feeling better one day at a time. So grateful that you and Kate both are coming out of the woods. 2021 is surely going to be a better year!


I'm glad I emailed you before Christmas to find out what was going on, it makes this news easier to accept. I'm so sorry you have been sick and I'm so grateful that it wasn't worse and that you are getting better. Knitting for the win for certain in this case! XOXO

Ann Collins

I'm so glad to hear that you, Rusty and Kate are all feeling better. I missed the IG post but just felt that something was wrong when you didn't post. I made those gnomes for my grandkids for Christmas 2019 and tucked them into their stockings, just peeking out. They are cute but fiddly for my knitting skills. Happy New Year!


I am so sorry you caught it and were feeling so terrible, but I'm also very glad you're feeling better. Being able to knit a small army of gnomes is certainly an indication that your energy levels are improving! I hope everyone else in your family is on the mend!


So glad you are feeling better, what a way to end 2020! i love those gnomes and have been tempted to try them but pom poms are my curse. I don't seem to get them full enough and the little strands easily pull out. Do you have a secret?

Margene Merrill Smith

What an ordeal for you all and I'm very happy to hear you all came through it okay. The gnomes could not be cuter and they. had to lift your mood as you knit. The meetup with the grands is going to be great fun for you all!

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