Unraveled Wednesday: Um. Really??
Mixin' it up

Can you handle it?

Just. One. More. Gnome.


I knit the beard & appendages and made the pom pom last night.


If the weather cooperates, I'll drop him off today on my way home from work.

We're expecting some snow on top of the dreaded "wintry mix" all with the temp right around the freezing mark... could be "fun."

I promise something new next week, and here's a big clue:


This was my Christmas present from Kate! I have at least three sweaters with elbows that need patching, and Ali has a pair of socks. I'm excited to give it a go (and have a few more sweaters back in rotation)!




I love all your gnomes (and wouldn't mind seeing more)! I'm also excited to hear about your darning loom. I've thought about getting one but would be glad to hear your thoughts first Happy darning!

Margie D.

I have been eyeing the darning loom too! I asked for one for Christmas last year, but no dice. Perhaps I can ooh and ahh enough over yours that one will show up for my birthday. (or I can just get my own!)


Ooo! That darning loom looks fun (and useful!) Have a good weekend! XO


Can't wait to see the darning loom in action! It makes me wish I had a hole-y sweater to repair. (Right now, I'm not needing any immediate mending.) And the gnome? Oh so cute!!! XO


those gnomes with the twinkle lights in the background are reminding me - in the very best way! - of the holidays. I'm delighted to see one more! (and I promise I'll keep saying that ;-) Good luck with the weather. ugh...


I think this gnome might be my favorite one of all! I am looking forward to seeing how you do with the mending.


I love this guy! He really looks like he should be one of the figures that you can try to knock over and they pop back up.


Love your new gnome. I was intrigued by the mending loom so I found a youtube video that shows how it's used. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le8GNe20D1c. I've always used an egg (wooden) of a glass to do my mending so this was interesting.


I've wanted one of those darning looms too! Colin just handed over a pair of handknit socks in need of repair. I may need to get one of those - let us know what you think, please. Hope your weather is ok and not too messy or wintry mix (the worst!!).


I imagine you typing "One. More. Gnome." with gritted teeth, saying, "This is it. This has got to be it."

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