Unraveled Wednesday: Here We Gnome Again
Weekending... in New Orleans!

Eye Candy Friday: The grandchooks

As of this morning, I have 9 grandchickens on two continents.


Maddy & Viv have Silver/Gold Laced Winedots (the ginger ones are Viv's) and a Plymouth Rock.


It's a different season in Australia than it is here.
Ahhhh, summertime! A garden!


And they love them so much! Maddy's always sending videos... shooing them into their coop when it's time to go to work, or just showing off how cute they are.

Well, this morning, Alison upped the CUTE CHOOK GAME!!


One of these was getting picked on at their former home, so was given to Ali & Rod... and came with a friend! I believe they are Golden Laced Polish.


Lordy, they're gorgeous!

Have a good weekend... take care of yourself and try to keep your blood pressure under control. Wednesday was one helluva a week, huh? I am appalled, sad, angry, disappointed... afraid. 12 more days and he'll be out -- sooner, with any luck!




Oh, what GORGEOUS Chooks! :-)
(I love following Maddy's IG stories with her chickens.)
And, yeah. Counting. The. DAYS.

Robby H.

Suddenly, I want chicken for dinner.

And yes, Wednesday was quite a week. I've sent messages to all of my representatives telling them I appreciate their bravery in that chaos and would be grateful if they fire up the impeachment machine. Grateful for our reps, especially now that we kicked the GOP guy to the curb.


I love your grandchooks and how great are they! Please keep posting gorgeous chicken photos (at least until the 20th!)

Linda Spooner

I love chickens!!!! I can't have them here where I live now and I miss them. They are more fun than people. I like seeing yours and thank you for your postings. Linda


Those are some great looking chickens and I love that Maddy has a Plymouth Rock! Here's to better days ahead!


Those new ladies look like they're wearing fancy hats!


Pretty grand chicks. Do you get eggs as a bonus?:)

Susanne Scheurwater

Those chooks are gorgeous!!!! They don't compare to the grands but they are pretty cute!!

Meredith MC

Your chickens are gorgeous! I don’t have any chickens, but I do hang out with a couple of pups- and they are great company. They’re always glad to see me and they love my sense of humor. (though they don’t laugh, but I can tell by their smiling eyes.)
I’m looking for sanity anywhere I can find it, and your blog fits the bill. Thank you!


Those CHOOKS!! LOL I love them (my Vivi is quite the Pied Piper of their Chickens! I have videos galore of her calling them as they follow her! LOL)

It seems like a year since Jan 1...


What gorgeous birds!! All of them. Maddy looks so happy (I know she is) and Ali's new ones are quite fancy!!

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