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I was in Rio de Janeiro eight years ago! Ann & I tried to attend a Cook In Rio class the entire time I was there; thwarted at every turn, for one reason or another, until finally (miraculously), it all came together on the last day before my departure and we made moqueca!

Last weekend, we did a Zoom class with the New Orleans School of Cooking, which was extra fun because we actually visited New Orleans together -- both for the first time -- almost four years ago. She & Brian visited since then and did an in-person class at NOSC, and loved it.

You really do learn a lot about a place -- it's people, history, cultural influences -- when you take a cooking class! (Even if it's virtual.)

Well, this weekend it was a virtual trip (for me) to Lima, when Ann & I got together on Saturday with our instructor, Franco, to make the national cocktail of Peru (& Chile - different recipe) -- PISCO SOUR!


Kate helped me test my Zoom settings from across the room beforehand, so the technology wasn't an issue this time (though I wish the volume would go a little higher on the laptop)!


Ann received her lovely box via courier earlier in the day. It had everything but ice cubes! The pisco, simple syrup, a cocktail shaker, shot glass, limes, and serving glass -- all very festive looking!


Her pisco.

My pisco. (My options were very limited!)

We forgot to discuss the differences in the types of pisco with Franco, but I think it has to do with type of grape and variables in the distilling.

Anyway, the Pisco Sour was very good, and we learned some tricks for mixing & serving. (Franco has won a few awards for his Pisco Sour!) I love a lime-y drink (I will never get scurvy), so this was right up my alley... and definitely similarities with Brazil's national cocktail, the caiprinha!

We've mixed a couple other pisco recipes since then -- Andean Sidecar, above, and Count Pisco, a negroni but with pisco instead of gin!

These classes were my birthday present from Ann, and now hers is coming up this Saturday! It took over 2 months for us to get it all together for mine, so I figure I have until the end of March for hers! Haha.

Tomorrow: Mending with my darning loom!




I think a caipirinha is my favorite drink, but they are almost impossible for me to make since real cachaça is hard to come by in NJ or MD. But maybe I'll look for pisco! I love Ann's box of ingredients and wish a courier could deliver something similar in the US. This is armchair traveling at its best!

Caffeine Girl

That looks like SO much fun. And that box of supplies is adorable.
I agree that cuisine is a key to any culture.
Unfortunately, my husband doesn't drink, so during Covid, I'm not drinking much either!


I love that you did this! I've never head of Pisco before now, it's great to broaden our horizons and culture - especially with cocktails!


I wish I had thought to expand my cocktail repertoire earlier in the pandemic, but I think I'd need to expand my liquor supply first (we're not big liquor drinkers -- I have just vodka and gin). This looks like so much fun!


Oh gosh! I had forgotten all about Pisco Sours and I LOVE them. My little brother's first wife, Ema, is from Chile and Pisco is a national drink there as well. Ema gave us a bottle one year at Christmas. Good stuff! Also now I want to make Moqueca!


Well, how was the Pisco? What does it taste like? Reading about your class has inspired me to make a whiskey sour tonite ! Or maybe just my favorite cocktail-a Bloody Mary. It's just not the same when you have to drink alone. I know, I'll watch the inaugural special hosted by Tom Hanks, then I'll have company. Has it really been 8 yrs since your trip to Rio? My I've been traveling with you for a long time! Thanks for the memories.


This is just THE BEST way to celebrate a birthday together/apart! In fact . . . I'm totally copying you for my sister's birthday tomorrow! We're going to take a 2-part class together to learn to make croissants!!! The class won't be until February, but it gives us both something to look forward to -- and it's a perfect birthday gift for my sister (who loves to bake, and has always wanted to try croissants). XO


OOO! I like the look of that Sidecar! (I love a good Sidecar!) What fun!

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