Unraveled Wednesday: Darn it!
Weekending: Lots more random stuff!

Random: Just for fun

The Bernie memes!


I had to make a couple of my own! The top photo was taken on the North Shore in November, and I shared it on FB/IG on Wednesday (without Bern) for our anniversary... and then BERNIE happened. I just had to! I also immediately thought of the kids with their chairs in the water when we were in Door County last summer. SO FUN.

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I know that some of you follow Maddy on Instagram and/or were big fans of her Madventures blog back in the day (about four years ago, haha). Well, now she's on a new tack and has started writing a newsletter instead (one, so far) -- if you're interested, click this link to subscribe: The Chook Wife.

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I dunno... intarsia is OK but maybe just not these houses. I enjoyed knitting the Safe At Home houses more. And what I keep thinking about, so must really want to knit from this collection, is the Watercolor Cowl!

Warning: The following photo may cause stress and anxiety.


I have a few more ends to weave in that I should because I sort of forgot about splicing half-way through (I blame Covid).


I made it about half-way. The rest tonight!


Much better.

Have a great weekend!!




Your Bernie memes are great fun (and I have to respect a man that dresses practically and for warmth)! I did have a bit of anxiety looking at all those ends, but they were not mine to weave in!


Hi Vicki! You have a great weekend too. Looking forward to reading your posts I've missed out on! xo


I love your Bernie memes! Ooof, all those ends.


I'm guessing Bernie is wishing that these memes started showing up a lot earlier, like when he was running for president! But I'm also glad that they've happened now -- it finally feels like the right time for such silliness!


I am an amateur knitter. But I wonder how and why this knitting is different from the safe at home blanket you made. Wasn't that intarsia also?

It is beautiful. I love the yarn colors. Just wandering about the intarsia thing. I look at MDK knitting and was wondering if I could do that too?

Thank you!


Love your Bernie memes- my fav on line is Bernie on the couch of Big bang Theory and Sheldon standing there saying "he's in my seat"


Oh man what a lot of ends. Your Bernie memes are the best - especially the one with the kids!!


I saw the photo of All Those Ends before your warning. ...still recovering ;-) and I must say, though, that Watercolor Cowl is stunning. as in ALMOST tempted to knit intarsia (which is a technique I swore off in the early 1990s)

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