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Unraveled Wednesday: Here We Gnome Again

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting & reading!


Aha! It's a different gnome!


He's not quite finished -- still needs a pom pom -- and he's far from perfect, but he sure is cute!! This is Sarah Schira's Here We Gnome Again. Though the pattern has been in my library since its release, this is the first time I've knit it. Heheheh... not the last! Sarah's collection of gnome designs is amazing (and there are others in my library)! 

HWGA has options for both fingering weight and worsted weight versions -- this one is worsted. It is/was intended for my sister Ann but, since the earliest I'll likely see her is July, I have plenty of time to try again. The centering of motifs & patterns on this guy is a little off, and I'd like to improve that, and possibly try some different yarn (perhaps some of my own hand-dyed).


In pages, I started Kitchens of the Great Midwest when I was recovering from COVID, and I'm enjoying it -- not blazing through it, but it's going quicker than some!

In audio, I restarted Hamnet the other day... with a bit more focus. I love Ell Potter's narration.



Robby H.

You know, it's a pretty big burden to put on a book when the first chapter is labeled "lutefisk". I await your thoughts. Meanwhile, the gnome saga continues...


I'm glad to see the gnome parade continues and you have restarted Hamnet! (I thought it was worthy of focus.)


I have knit two of these gnomes (I know I shared the picture with you) and find them very fiddly but also worth it. Have you seen the newest one she designed as a mystery KAL this year? I might have to buy the pattern because the little feet/shoes are killing me.


I just printed out The Adventure Gnome thinking it would be good knitting yesterday! HA! Try again today is on my agenda!


I, too, have had the HWGA pattern in my library since it came out -- but haven't knit it yet. (I'm afraid it might get me started on another binge-knit . . . and you're demonstrating just why!) I LOVE yours. SO. DANG. CUTE! (And I really loved Kitchens of the Great Midwest. It's . . . different. But intriguing!) (And it generally made me really hungry.)


oh lord, these are adorable.... might even get me to dust off my knitting needles, which have been languishing and help me do something more constructive with my time than jigsaw puzzles.....


I enjoyed both of those books but especially Hamnet. Your gnome is SO cute!


What a cute gnome! I think they are way too fiddly for moi, but I sure am enjoying yours. I read Kitchens and think I liked it, but I can't really remember it!! (which says something...)


Love all your gnomes-- this one seems more intricate than the others. I have a few gnome patterns but I'm looking for someone to make them for. I have no room in my small apartment for any displays but I'm knitting lots of bigger projects. Just finished Water Witches and Midwife Murders. Listening to the Heirloom Garden while knitting.


oh my gosh, i love the gnomes! i hope you're all feeling better.
love, kisses & magical wishes...

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