Weekending: Lots more random stuff!
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You know what else is random?

My Christmas tree is still up and there's been little movement (or mojo) to make it otherwise. This is by far a record. But we are loving the light!

I snapped a few photos before turning off the lights the other night... it's nothing but a tree of memories, really.


I know I've shown it before, but that pink-striped ornament was my maternal grandma's. You can see wee Ginny & Junah in the shadows! There's the tail-end of a couple of hand-carved fish that my Uncle Jim made. One of two or three bunches of grapes that my mom had.


Hanging nearby, my addition to our 2020 tree. I'm sure Grandma would not approve, but "Peanut" seems amused. My sister Karen punched designs into the metal ends of frozen juice containers to make ornaments, some of which doubled as gift tags (name & date on the other side)... you can maybe spot a blurry star.


I kick myself every year for my mistake in buying only one of these amazing antique ornaments instead of all three! The blue orb is likely one from my parents' first Christmas tree. You can just see Santa's head peeking in at the bottom -- one of three cross-stitched, jointed ornaments that I made for the girls.


I have a few pewter ornaments -- most of them were my mom's, and maybe this one was, too. I don't remember. We've been watching VIKINGS on TV, though, so there's current meaning, anyway.

There's been talk of removing some/most/all of the Christmas ornaments to make a "Valentine" tree. Again, no movement or mojo!




My father was so superstitious that the tree had to come down before New Year's Day. Sometimes I still do it, sometimes I don't.


We were going to take down the tree last weekend . . . and then we didn't! I think it's partly because it's in the dining room this year so it's not in the way and we didn't have to displace furniture. I think it's also partly because we don't have any company so . . . who cares that it's still up? Either way, despite our talk, there's been no actually movement or motivation here either!

Robby H.

Aren't all the best Christmas trees about memories? Christmases past, loved ones who've passed and all the things that are special because we only enjoy them once a year (for however long feels right). We have several neighbors who still have their outdoor lights up and not a single complaint to the HOA as far as I can tell. I think everyone is trying to hold on to whatever brings joy these days. Enjoy your tree!


LOL - laughing as our tree is still up too! Though no ornaments. We never put any on this year. Just lights and our cardinal at the very top. This is the longest by far it has ever been up. I like the tree to come down January 1st or pretty soon after that, but I don't have any interest in arguing this year. Fletch wanted it to stay up - my friend Carol was supposed to come up the other week, but she didn't. Colin still hasn't been over to see it! However, I think tomorrow is the day - it should be a bit warmer, so easier to get it outside and hauled into the woods. I'm really tired of the living room chair on its side in my office room - LOL


Mine is still up too. There are many lights still up in our neighborhood.

I drove by a house recently that was all decked out with valentine lights and hearts

All to say, you are not at all alone in this procrastination.


Our tree is still up as well. I decorated it this year with snowflakes, icicles, and a few birds. I figure it is a winter tree and can, if I like, stay up until spring!


Something I always love about seeing others' trees is the ornaments that have so much sentimental meaning. Grandma may not have approved of your 2020 ornament, but I do!


I love the memories in the ornaments on trees! They are my favorite ornaments! (Also, I know lots of people are keeping their tree up until Candlemas, which is Feb. 2 this year!)


Love your ornaments- I purchased that 2020 ornament for my Son-in-law for his little Tree- he loved it.


Who says Christmas trees have to come down by a certain deadline???? :-) We still have lights and candles and some Christmas-y things up (we didn't have a tree this year), and they make Tom and I happy every night! This year - especially - it's important to find joy wherever we can. Leave it up as long as you like! XO


chiming in with my agreement on leaving the tree up as long as you like. we need more joy wherever we can find it, and I can totally see why your tree, full of all those lovely memories, would be joy-ful!

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