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Unraveled Wed...THURSDAY: Pandemic Yarn Splurge(s)

100 Days... underway!

Yesterday was the official beginning of The 100 Day Project...

...and that will take us solidly into MAY!! Doesn't that sound wonderful? I'll be posting most of my updates on IG (I am @vicki.knitorious), but won't be able to resist sharing here now & then, too.

I spent yesterday morning getting my workspace somewhat cleared and set the scene.

Background in a nutshell: This is my Alabama Chanin Car Jacket, the project I chose in November 2017 when Kym & I attended a 3-Day Workshop at the Alabama Chanin Factory in Florence, Alabama. It wouldn't normally take 3-4 years to finish a project like this, but I sort of went off the deep end with the embellishing. I'm thankful I chose the jacket and not the coat!!


When I left off last May, I was working on the first back piece. I wasn't surprised to find a needle stuck into the fabric on the side, but I was surprised to find that it was threaded and still attached! I don't remember specific circumstances, but I'm thinking that this was put away in haste, though it was all pretty neat and organized. Anyway, here's the big picture:


The top third is done. The middle is about half-done. The bottom has a good start. The middle section got some attention yesterday.


Before & after. I stitched, cut, beaded & appliqued a "flower" (trying something new) and finished beading around the big circle where I'd left off (you can see the needle that I'd left behind in the top photo).

Close ups:


Looking forward to making progress!

My goal is to work on this project for at least :20 each day. It doesn't seem like much, but even on my busiest days, I can carve out 20 minutes, and usually it will be more. Yesterday, I listened to a 40-minute podcast while I did most of the work... and I have quite a few audio books in my queue!

I hope you had a good weekend, too!




I think this is a great way to get yourself to sit down and stitch! I'm looking forward to following along with your progress.


What a great plan, Vicki! 20 minutes a day will make a HUGE impact . . . and before you know it? POOF! It'll be done! Looking forward to following along with you. XO


Yes! I love your AC stitching and look forward to seeing it for the next 100 days!

Caffeine Girl

That jacket is going to be fabulous. Totally worth finishing.
I always find it hard to go back to a project that was hibernating -- but I'm always glad when I do.

Robby H.

So glad to see you'll be working on this again. 20 minutes a day is 2+ hours a week. That two hours might be hard to find, but 20 minutes, not so hard. Hmmmm, maybe I should be looking for some handwork that I can make progress in snippets instead of waiting for when I have a bunch of time. My handwork used to be my travel projects and we all know how that has been this past year.


Oh I'm so glad you are working on this again. I love this project. And it's one of those "better you than me" projects that I can just enjoy watching from the sidelines without getting the urge to do it myself - lol. With 20 minutes a day, I bet you make major progress! Have fun.


This is such a fun project to watch come together! I've enjoyed seeing it as you've worked on it on and off in the past and am really looking forward to seeing it over the next 100 days.


I am excited to see the magic of your stitches and beads on the pieces! It truly is a wonder to me that such simple things can be so incredible!


I was so excited to see this project again ... looking forward to following along for 98 more days!

Margene Smith

I love watching your project evolve! Inspiring! I am making (slow) progress and you've given me some ideas on what to do with the beads!


Amazing! Can't wait to watch you go! xo

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