Unraveled Wednesday: Goin' with the flow

Hexies are not squares

The random layout generated at Granny Square Colors is in squares and I'm doing hexagons!


I didn't consider what difference the shape would make until I started joining the second row last night... THE SECOND ROW!!  I'm so happy. It'll be a simple adjustment (knit fewer hexies or add another row... TBD!).

Meanwhile, it's sunny with a high of 41°F today, snow is melting, birds are chirping, and I can't help but feel a little hopeful.




I've been intrigued by how the hexies start out as circles and seem to morph into hexagons upon joining, almost as if by magic!

Margie D.

Do you connect the rows as you go along, so there's no sewing up of hexies at the end? That would be excellent!


I have all kinds of confidence that you'll figure it out. And hooray for hope!


your enthusiasm for a LONG-RANGE project makes me smile.


These hexies are just so intriguing! (and no... they are not squares! I missed that too!)


Thos hexies!!! LOVE them. And, yes, HOPE -- the dripping is going on here big time.


Hexies may be a bit more challenging than squares, but they're so much more fun!


I love your hexies. And I know you'll figure it out. :-)
It was 45 degrees yesterday afternoon when we went for our walk with the dogs!!! It was thrilling! Snow melting INCHES yesterday alone and water running through the gutters! No ice! Bird joy EVERYWHERE. And I saw a robin! Spring is around the corner. XO


are these crochet or knitting? i've wanted to learn to make hexies for years, but i'm not great with knitting and really bad with crochet. :-)
those are really pretty!
love, kisses & magical wishes...

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