Unraveled Wed...THURSDAY: Pandemic Yarn Splurge(s)
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My world in black & white

We had some snow yesterday. View to the east from the Garden Room. (This is photo is "as shot" in full color.)


Not as much as some of y'all in the East, but it snowed all day and it was heavy, wet, and very sticky. Our wooded ravine was a wonderland -- this photo captures only a tiny fraction of that (even in wide-angle)!

Anyway, it's February... notoriously cold, gray, and seemingly the longest month of the year, even though it's technically the shortest. My world has been pretty colorful lately (on purpose), at least as far as my knitting/crochet projects go, but I had a reminder the other day that it's sometimes good to take a look at those things in black & white because, especially, shades of gray.

While I was prepping my Safe At Home post for IG yesterday, I accidentally swiped and... I don't really know how these things happen... and voila, black & white.

BW - IMG_7378

Every once in a while, Cara posts a reminder to take a look in black & white because you can more easily see the VALUE of those colors and how they work together. Admittedly, I did not do that with Safe At Home, so I was very happy to see that there was pretty good balance overall. There are a few places where the windows and/or door fade right into the house or the stripes are a big glob of light, medium, or dark, or you can't tell the roof from the sky, but it's all pretty well distributed throughout.

Anyway, it prompted me to look at some current projects in a similar way.


These are the circles from yesterday. (BTW, the little circles will all eventually have a few more rounds in another color, just like the ones above them, and then they'll all have another round or two in natural to make them into hexagons, and then I'll use a JAYGO technique to Join AYou Go!)

Anyway, isn't that interesting?? That gray & gold circle at top right was a little surprising, and I'd have thought there'd be more contrast in the blue & yellow one at bottom left. I love that some of the tiny circles are of mixed value... especially that green one at the right.

Here's the value of the box of yarn from yesterday's post:


I got a new craft bin in which to store that project, wound up the rest of the yarn, culled some of the repeats (either super similar or same color/different dye lot), added the neons back in (because, let's just see...).


The goal was light, medium, dark starting from the bottom. I rearranged, took a photo, looked in b&w/monochrome; rearranged, took a photo, looked; rinse & repeat... I took a crazy number of photos! And I see that I could still make adjustments (until the cows come home). The discerning eye will spot the "dark value sequins" atop a "light value yarn." Haha. This is a multi-craftual household.


Here's that image in full color!

The next thing I'm going to do is another thing I just learned from Cara (who learned from another) is to enter all these colors/values into the Granny Squares Color Pattern Generator, along with some info about my pattern, and have a nicely balanced random plan generated for me!! That will take a little planning and screen time, but I think it will be well worth it! And there's a 3-day weekend on tap. Yahoo!

What are your weekend plans?




I often think of b&w as depressing, but your photos have shown me otherwise! Even Safe at Home looks interesting in shades of gray (but much better in living color)! My weekend plans are to knit, knit some more, and not shovel.

Robby H.

I use monochrome all the time for my quilting. It helps me make sure I'm starting with a balanced palette, then I check my blocks and it is the MVP of block layout. Once I'm done laying out my blocks I snap pictures of it because I have a "design floor" instead of a design wall, and things have to get picked up at the end of my sewing session. Also, I think blocks (knitted, crocheted or sewn) are sneaky devils and the pictures help with that. Safe at Home is still gorgeous and I'd assume that every neighborhood has some rather random homes that might not exactly "fit" perfectly in the neighborhood. Ha, ha. Happy weekending!


This post is such a great reminder of the importance of color value - the differences are striking in black and white. And Cara! She is such a color genius and the crochet blankets she's been making are amazing. I love seeing your crocheting, it makes me wish I had better skills.


These are such excellent reminders about color. Ones I don't often consider when picking colors. Sigh, lol.

Your color sense (as well as Cara's) are both inspiring and inviting! Happy Weekend to you!


I've used that B&W trick for a while to see if colors are good for colorwork, and it's always useful. I think I could go down a very deep rabbit hole with that granny square color pattern generator, though!


What a fun post in black & white! Who'd have thought? I love your snow picture too. You have much more patience than I to take all those pictures and analyze, and ...., and ...., I just through sh*t together and hope it looks ok. The kids were here for dinner tonight which was so nice and we are expecting more snow tomorrow. The total amount is anyone's guess (the forecast keeps changing).


ooohhh, I just saw Cara's grannysquare plan ... and whoa. My current colorwork project is on-purpose low contrast, so my next one will likely NOT be. maybe I need to crochet a blanket?!


I bought a Plucky Knitter kit to make a colorful and whimsical cowl just before the holidays. The colors are gorgeous -- and they were one of the kit color options. But as soon as I saw them, I thought it might be trouble, value-wise. And, indeed. A black and white shot helped me see that clearly! Now I'm disappointed in the kit - even though the yarns are beautiful - because there's no way I'm going to frustrate myself with colorwork that will be . . . invisible. Long story. . . but there you go!

We got quite a bit of snow late last week, too. And now we're getting periodic lake effect. It's pretty!


Love this post Vicki! So much incredible information out there. And Cara...rock star!

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