Lots of stitching

The week got away...

Wordless, except to say: TGIF!!


Whispering... 3rd photo is Kate's work (Bingo and a DOODLE!). Bottom photo is not my stack of to-read books! ❤ Have a great weekend!!




It looks like the week has been creative and productive for all! Big Nate was a big read around here for a time, and I highly recommend all the Captain Underpants books if he hasn't already read them. My boys have cleaned out their bookshelves numerous times over the years but Captain Underpants still has a place of honor!


wordless perhaps, but certainly not stitchless. WOW!!!!


Beautiful, Vicki! :)


I love how colorful this post is and I spy a bit of blue stitching on your jacket - I think that looks great!


It may have gotten away from you with regard to blogging, but it was clearly a busy week of crafting!


LOVE your jacket stitching vicki - beautiful. And your crocheting the little circles may have pushed me to get back to my granny squares. I need to do a bunch more and then crochet them together. Kate's stitching is fabulous (no surprise there). And, looks like someone has a good reading selection!! I recommend the Toad and Frog books too.


Love the color explosion of this post (and in your life!), Vicki! Such gorgeous stitching at every turn! And I second the Captain Underpants series. Such a hit with . . . little boys, especially. (It's one of the only things I could get Brian to read. He was a reluctant reader at best. . . ) XO

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