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Unraveled Wed...THURSDAY: Pandemic Yarn Splurge(s)

Best laid plans, y'all! I had errands to run yesterday morming morning and kids coming over (yay!) in the early afternoon. I tried to get this written & posted in between but I barely got started before I ran out of time. And then I ran out of energy.

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting crocheting and reading!


I laughed when I read Kym's post today yesterday, because boy oh boy, have I done that!! More than once, in fact, and because of it I am drowning in mini-skeins! Actually, let's just say that I'm swimming in them... because I'm okay with the situation!


Unicorn tails! I had a few, and then I bought a "pandemic" bunch, and then I bought a "pandemic" few more. I've always loved the saturated color, some of which actually seem to glow, even if a single-ply yarn can sometimes cause problems. (We shall see.)

I'm making a little progress... sort of just winging it right now as I try to figure out a direction of sorts.


LOVING IT!!! I am living for color these days...


...and, apparently, especially when it glows! This is our kitchen bouquet in yesterday morning's sunshine. (Today, it's gray and snowing.)


I finished listening to HAMNET on Tuesday night while I stitched on my Car Jacket. My next audio read will be LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND! AN AMERICAN QUILT: UNFOLDING A STORY OF FAMILY & SLAVERY is still my bedtime reading.


I am participating in the Fiberuary Challenge on Instagram, created by Creative Ceci a few years ago, and it's been fun! We're only on Day 4 of 28, but so far so good.

Today's prompt was "Made in 2020," so of course:

2020 Safe at Home 2

Safe At Home for & with Davy!




I love those crocheted circles, the colors are really fabulous! Can't wait to see what you do with them, too. Your bouquet in the sunshine is amazing and Davey and that blanket - ooooh, I want to snuggle BOTH!


That blanket! That baby! (those jammies!!!)

You are tempting me to get back to my granny squares which I seemed to have abandoned after making X number...we shall see...so much I want to do...so little time...


I don't know what you will do with those crocheted circles, but the colors are stunning (along with the bouquet, Davy, and Safe at Home)!


hurray for a VERY COLORFUL post :-) I have been watching Cara's TWO blankets and wondering about how those crocheted circles will come together (I guess with my least-favorite - sewing/weaving-in-ends!) ... still - very fun and I really love all the color. Also, I think your Made in 2020 post should win a prize.

Caffeine Girl

I love color, too. Those circles are gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you are going to do with them.
Two great things were made in 2020!

Kat Christensen

Those crochet circles! OMGosh... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

And, Made in 2020 is the BEST! :)


I'm on a little crochet kick too! Loving the color of your minis, the F.O. is going to be stunning!


Davy and the epic blanket for the win -- always and forever!

I love the little bits of crochet and keep getting tempted by those type of projects. But then I think of all the work to connect the motifs and all the ends to weave in.


Have fun with Fiberuary Challenge , looks fun but too much work for me. I look forward to seeing your posts. Davey looks so cute on his blanket.

Meredith MC

Okay, now I want more unicorn tails. I love them more than I can say, and your little circles are giving me startitis!

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