The week got away...
Hexies are not squares


I did a fair bit of stitching on my Alabama Chanin Car Jacket over the weekend. Prompted by the photo I posted a couple of weeks ago of the wrong side of the back piece I'm working on, I went on a hunt to find the last one I'd taken...


I hardly worked on that project at all in 2020! Not only were we slammed with the overall weirdness of Covid, but Ali had just moved into a new house at the end of 2019, learned that she was pregnant, and had a business to keep afloat (an endeavour that wasn't mine, but I did numerous things to help). Kate & I bought Ducky and that renovation kept me busy. I had an epic baby blanket to knit! And other stuff.

Anyway, it looks like the last snap of the back I took was at Kym's in October 2019 when I drove to Michigan for our Mini AC Weekend!


I like to photo the back because the stitches are so much more obvious. Here's the same thing as of yesterday afternoon:


And here's the front:


The top image is from April 7th, and the bottom is yesterday.

I couldn't resist putting it together with a sleeve:


The end is really nowhere in sight -- there is so much left to do -- but this is really motivating! This piece is more than 2/3 done -- I've finished stitching the two top sections, and have a good start on the bottom. I'm confident that the other pieces will go a little bit quicker and I'm excited to baste the layers together for the other back piece... SOON!!

I also started making my crocheted circles into hexagons and joining them together.


I'm working from the bottom, so that's the bottom row -- just over half the width (it'll be 15 hexies wide x 21 hexies tall) (I think). I made progress since taking that photo, and have only two more hexies to work before starting the next row. I've been working the circles in order and slipping them onto stitch holders, but I could only find two, so you can see the third row stacking up in the top photo. I need a little more order, organization & control than that, so was happy for the weekend and time to work out the JAYGO method again. I'm super clumsy and some of this pretty sketchy, but oh... it makes me so happy. The colors & combos are wild, technically they shouldn't all work together, and yet... 😍.



It may have been a while since you took a photo of your AC jacket, but that makes the progress so evident! It's amazing that you've only got 1/3 left. I say "only" knowing that is hours of work, but it looks like a labor of love (and enjoyment)!

Caffeine Girl

I am so impressed with your Alabama Chanin project! It is going to be an amazing addition to your wardrobe. Your color choices are beautiful-- as is your hand-stitching!


Oh, Vicki! That jacket is going to be INCREDIBLE. I love, Love, LOVE it! And color. Bring me all the color right now . . .


I think your jacket looks fantastic - SO much progress! And I love your hexagons, too!


Your jacket looks just amazing! Go you! But those little crochet circles... wow!

Robby H.

Isn't it encouraging to see your jacket progress? Goodness what a lot of work. I know it's a labor of love, but wow! And those cheery little circle/hexies are just the thing for this time of year.


Oh WOW! You have made so much progress on your gorgeous jacket Vicki. What a stunning piece to add to your wardrobe. Just magnificent! And, you know I love your little hexies...I haven't yet gotten back to my granny squares, but you sure have inspired me. Amazing how much went on in your life (and your family's life) in the last year!!


I am so inspired by your stitching. What you've done in a relatively short period of time is even more impressive when compared to the previous progress!


Wow, Vicki, you've made so much progress on that coat! and whoa, I love all the embellishments. that fabric seems like the perfect canvas for your creativity. the thing that tempts me, though, is the crochet. making hexies and joining as you go ... be still my mathematician's heart ;-)

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