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You've been misled

There were two chairs in yesterday's post -- one in the USA and one in Australia -- it was the SAME PILLOW pictured on each chair! I was struck by how similar our chairs were and that Maddy & I took similar photos!*

I've made only one pillow, SO FAR, but that will change as I will be making a Safe at Home pillow for Kate, for Ali, for Annie and, yes, for myself, too! I already have the inserts. The pillows are pretty quick to knit, there's a lot of room for improv, and it's an excellent, bite-size way to make something with that great design... which I've nominated for the upcoming MDK Pattern Party.

FEBRUARY! It was not the usual slog, at least around here. I had a few projects to keep me busy -- fun and each only taking a few minutes each day -- and I think that helped! I'm amazed that Monday will be the 1st of March! 

The 100 Day Project


I'm happy with my progress, and this will continue into May.

Embroidery Bingo


I kept up with this daily... until someone won Bingo! Now I'm not so diligent about getting the stitches done in a timely manner, but have been keeping up for the most part. I think "Long & Short" and "Turkey Work" are the only ones that actually put me behind at the moment. It's been really fun to do since Kate joined in, too, and she's even continued with her own freestyle embroidery exploration, for which I've pulled out my embroidery books for her perusal.

The Fiberuary Challenge

The Fiberuary Challenge is a month of fibery fun & love, Instagram style, created a couple of years ago by Creative Ceci. There's a prompt for each day, but no pressure to participate. I've discovered some new people (near & far), and just really had a lot of fun with it!

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* Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised? The Fiberuary prompt for Day 18 was "YARN." I wrote that I like knitting it, crocheting it, sniffing it, squishing it, buying it, sorting it, dyeing it. Maddy commented on the post:

Sniffing it and squishing it! 😂😂 I love you! I read this out to Viv and she goes to me, "It's easy to see why you are the way you are." Thanks Mom. ❤️



I walked by an embroidery stitch book in a local shop the other day and thought of you. I had the discipline to keep on walking! Though I am curious! Happy your pillow arrived safely and clearly where it belonged! :-)


This post makes me smile... every last bit of it! Your stitching is gorgeous! (I have been watching the bingo videos... they are just fascinating!)


I am glad to hear that you will be making Safe at Home pillows for you and the rest of your loved ones! I keep thinking that I could/should make matching pillows for Ryan and I, but he'd probably say, "What am I supposed to do with this pillow?" if he received one in the mail. He's a real minimalist!

John's great-grandmother used to talk about turkey work, and when I looked it up I thought it would be wonderful for embroidering a woolly bear caterpillar.


I'm not sure if I thought you'd knit 2 pillows - I don't think I did. But thanks for clarifying and I look forward to seeing more as you make them for everyone else. I love your embroidery bingo and the progress on your jacket looks terrific.


You know, it didn't even occur to me that you hadn't knit two matching pillows! But I love that eventually all of you will have your own version.

Caffeine Girl

Your embroidery is just gorgeous. So inspiring.
I love the twinsie chairs. Like parent, like child!
Like my mom, I'm a fan of Scandinavian furniture.


Your Alabama Chanin project is looking more beautiful each time I see it. Does all of the bead work add a lot of weight?


oh that post-script! all the hearts!

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