Flower Power

I have been absolutely obsessed with this dress:


The print, specifically -- because "That Is Not My Dress" -- but everything about this! The whole vibe of this photo is bonkers. Gucci. Ken Scott. Elle Fanning. Yellow tights. Amazing shoes (those aren't my shoes these days, either). The "Fashion Gardener" even put pansies in that print... so tempting... but the least expensive item in that line is a "neck bow," and, um... no.

Florals are definitely a thing right now. Oscar de la Renta has some fabulous, colorful florals in the Fall 2021 Collection (link to TLO) (I would wear those pants!), and also CROCHET!


I am here for all of it!! I have a gigantic scale floral print that I purchased on Spoonflower a couple of years ago and I think it's finally going to be something (with pockets).

Then, this morning, I accidentally took a screen shot of my phone and noticed the icon for the Prism app, which I love but haven't used in ages, so...


...sorry/not sorry for the photo dump!

Spring is in the air. The sky is light when I wake up (though there'll be a little setback next weekend), the temp is rising and the snow is melting.


I'm looking ahead. Happy Weekend!

Also, Rusty got his first jab on Wednesday!

Edited to add: It's VIRTUAL ART IN BLOOM time at the Saint Louis Art Museum! There are free, on-demand programs available all month.




I like your crochet florals better! But that dress did amuse me a little; I think it costs more than my whole wardrobe put together!


I love that dress (if only I could pull that off with those tights and shoes! sigh) but I especially love your artsy photos... they are even better than that dress!


I could never ever wear that outfit, but those bright colors appeal to me all the same. After several colorless months, I am ready for all the color of spring!


HOPE! and flowers and color! all that makes me smile ... and yeah, I hope I never have to wear those tights! Happy Weekend!


I love your enthusiasm in this post and the photos are great, particularly that one of YOU. Go, Rusty! Dale had his first shot last Saturday and I just scored appointments for Hannah to get hers next week. Things are look up!


That is an eyepopping photo. Fun for a dreary rainy day (here). Your hexies are looking great. I love the new hair look.


Happy Weekend to you, too!

Lord, I wish I could crochet.

Margie D.

Fancy Tiger Crafts (https://fancytigercrafts.com) or Stonemountain Fabric (https://stonemountainfabric.com) might have a floral like that in their selections? Very bright for sure!

Caffeine Girl

I had to take Prism off my phone because my phone is old and running out of storage. I hadn't missed it until I read this post!

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