Happy Friday!
On the edge of 17

Sooo sleeeepy

BREAKING NEWS: Jab #1 is scheduled for this Wednesday!!*

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I was enjoying daylight in the early morning! Now it's dark again when I get up and the sun doesn't even rise until I'm already at work. We're gaining daylight hours at a pretty good clip right now, so hopefully it won't be long before I'm enjoying early morning light again.


Kate & I spotted almost a dozen deer in a couple of groupings while taking a walk on Saturday at nearby Heckrodt Wetland Reserve. We were all there last weekend, too, and saw an owl! Much of the path there is boardwalk, but not all... last week it was wet & icy, this week it was even wetter, so we stuck to the wood.


I noticed some emerging tulips in the back yard yesterday, and it made me positively giddy! This little clump is very close to the foundation of the house on the south side, so it gets nice and warm. Not much of note happening out there otherwise. We did get most of the outside Christmas decorations taken down, and I noticed that happening a lot around town.

I put my head down and did some prep for our taxes over the weekend. I wasn't very organized this year. Haha. That's really not a change, but different this year is that I was downright neglectful and let even the most basic tasks slide.


Crochet continues, and there are almost two more rows ready to join! These colors made me smile, remembering that red & blue were the colors that I'd use in coloring books to color in every princess dress.

My Alabama Chanin project took a breather for a couple of days, but finally yesterday I basted the other back piece.


Ready to go!

In news from around the globe:

Australia: Maddy is very happy with this new item!

Peru: With our time changing and theirs not, our clocks now jive (at least until fall)!

*Rusty has been subbing quite a bit at our local high school and was able to get on the list there... he awaits Jab #2 next week!




Hooray for lots of stuff in this post but especially for that breaking news! I got my first shot this morning, the relief and gratitude I felt was immense.


I love seeing so many signs of spring on everyone's blogs today! I snapped a few photos yesterday (before today's promised wind and rain) and maybe I'll share them ... it seems like we're about three weeks ahead of y'all with the tulips and a lot of trees are starting to leaf out/green up. That's great news about your vaccines and all the hearts for Maddie's new kayak(? at least I think that's what it is!) and for being in synch on the times. It seems crazy that Sara is only four hours ahead of us right now because it feels like she's so much further away than that!


Oh yay for the vaccines. Fletch and I are still waiting.....glad you two are getting jabbed. South East PA seems to be REALLY behind the times (even according to CNN!!). One of our wedding gifts to Colin & Mailing was two kayaks for them. Hoping they can get out before too long! We have crocus blooming and daffy's budded. But gosh! It was 20 here this a.m. At least I'm not in Boulder where my brother received two plus feet of snow! YIKES!!!


Hooray for the vaccination appointment! It makes me happy that so many people I know are getting their jabs (particularly because I'm likely to be among the last people eligible).

Our tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are just starting to poke out of the ground, and I've seen a lot of buds on trees and bushes. It was pretty chilly today, but the sun (when it comes out, anyway) feels much warmer!


Good stuff right here! It's always a good thing to spend time in the woods, especially if you get to see some wildlife. I can certainly picture Maddy in a kayak, and a big hooray for signs of spring, red and blue, and shot #1!


No eligibility in sight for the vaccination. Meanwhile, we're digging out after the big weekend (actually, Sunday) dump. 20" here, none of it tulips or daffodils.


So much going on! Spring is sprung!


Spring is coming!!! And I'm getting jab #1 in about an hour and a half!!! (Tom has to wait, though.) (My rheumatoid arthritis is finally good for something. . . ) I've got some tulips and daffodil leaves emerging, and the crocus should start blooming any day now. So exciting! XO


HURRAH for your jab appointment!! That makes me so happy! (I got mine yesterday and I shed a few tears of joy!)

We have cold weather again this week... so Sherman's morning constitutional is again in the cold and dark and he does not like it one bit! LOL

Margene Smith

I'm so excited that you and Rusty will be vaccinated. We're having spring like weather, that push and pull of one season changing to the next. I love this time of year and the back and forth.

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