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And then they were all 30-something

I'm late with this post, but the important thing is that I was also on time!

Happy 30th Birthday, Maddy!!!


There's quite a time difference between here and Australia, not to mention the logistical challenge, but I couldn't let my baby's 30th birthday go without doing something!

I knew that she & Viv were going on a quick getaway to mark the occasion and I even got Maddy to share the Airbnb listing with me... unbeknownst to her, it was mainly so I could try to arrange something with the host (who turned out to be kinda-but-not-really-all-that-willing). At first I thought about having a birthday cake delivered, but nixed that for a couple of reasons... and also thought it would have been fun to surprise Viv, but had to enlist her help in the end.

With Covid and other various limitations, I had to find establishments that I could communicate with via email, and from whom I could order online, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't hijacking the girls' plans! I was able to send a gift voucher for a great restaurant that foodie friends recommended to Viv -- Maddy knew they were going there, but didn't know that it was a gift from us until they were there -- and had a planter of succulents delivered with a card to the Airbnb. As you can see, Maddy was surprised!!

I guess next year I'll be making similar arrangements in both Australia and Scotland!! (If tests & everything go as planned, Kate will be on her way a week from today!)




This feels like some sort of milestone! :-) A big Happy Birthday to Maddy and kudos to you for the succulents and gift voucher. That's quite an accomplishment given the distance. A friend of Ryan's in Germany had a dozen donuts delivered to him in CO for Ryan's 30th and it may have been of his favorite (and most thoughtful) gifts ever!

Robby H.

Of course, the most important gift is knowing you remembered and made such an effort for her. Well done!


What a lovely surprise! And that you managed to do all that from the other side of the globe is doubly impressive! (I love Maddy's Oblique cardigan, too!)


Well done- Happy birthday to Maddy.


Happy Birthday to Maddy!!! Love that picture of her holding the box of succulents. You did well Vicki!!!


I love how she is wearing that sweater you knit! and I might have teared up a bit at all kids over 30! This will be my last year of not having all kids over 30... sigh.


What an AWESOME way to surprise Maddy (and Viv)!!! (Next year my kids will both be 30-somethings. Hard to get my head around that one.)


I love that you had succulents delivered and treated Maddy and Viv to dinner, too!

Helen Mathey-Horn

Excellent 'sneak' job!


:-) we'll hit that milestone in November! you did a great job with the celebration and a surprise. (also, how fun to see Maddie bundled up in a cardigan and cowl - which I'm thinking you made ... do I remember right?!)

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