Weekending: Birthday Chaos!

Birthday Bonanza Begins

And today, we have a two-fer!


Alison is 34 today! She's standing in a patch of hollyhocks that used to grow on one side of Balza's DX service station, which was demolished not long after this photo was taken.


It's also my Aunt Arlene's 91st birthday! Arlene is the eldest in my mom's family. She's holding my sister Karen in this photo, probably late 1960/early 1961, at my grandparents' house in Marshfield, WI. If this photo had been taken today, you might, at first glance, think that my grandparents are looking at their phones... but, no. Grandma is looking at a Polaroid picture, and Grandpa is staring into his coffee cup. My cousin Cindy is at left and that's just the cutest smile ever! So much to love about this photo.

Happy Birthday to Ali & Arlene!




Happy birthday to them both! Honestly, the second photo looks like it could be a Norman Rockwell painting. Such a treasure!

Robby H.

A Polaroid picture?! Haven't seen one of those in a while, but I do remember watching them magically appear. Happy birthday to fellow April birthdays by the bunch!


Happy, Happy Birthday to Ali and Arlene! I love seeing these photos (and hollyhocks)!


Happy Birthday to Alison and Arlene! There's so much to see in that photo of your grandparents. I love the way they are dressed and the remains of their meal on the table. I wonder what they ate!


Happies Birthday all around!

The black and white photo reminds me so much of my in-laws'. The little kitchen table and the overalls. My father-in-las always (and I DO mean ALWAYS) wore overalls.


Happy birthday Ali and Aunt Arlene! We had a kitchen table that looked similar to that one- formica top and a drawer that went all the way from one side to the other.


Happy birthday wishes - belated but sincere! I've been scanning old family photos lately, and it's such a treat. XO


Happy Birthday Bonanza! This is such a fun time for your family and I adore following along and seeing all the photos!!

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