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Your heartstrings are not shoelaces -- they were never meant to be knotted.
Angela Panayotopulos, The Wake Up

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I originally found a much longer quote, but this sentence pretty much cuts right to it*. As the reality of Kate's departure to Scotland becomes more... well, real (three weeks from today!)... I had a rather teary call from Maddy in Australia last night. Having heard some dreary prediction about travel as we were accustomed not returning until 2024, it was the last straw. She & Viv have both been working their tails off, so they're tired, there are other obligations, few friends, no time for hanging out or doing "anything fun," anyway... yadda yadda... and maybe it will and maybe it won't!

It's just so... ARGGGHHHHH!

And Maddy has a milestone birthday coming up! Thankfully, they'll be able to get away for a very short birthday celebration! And this weekend, in celebration of all the April birthdays (in case you've forgotten or are unaware, Ali on the 16th, Kate on the 22nd, and Maddy on the 25th), we're going to have a group video chat/toast. Looking forward to that!

In other news, Annie flew to Florida to get vaccinated and was able to get the one-and-done J&J jab yesterday. Then, of course, the J&J vaccinations were suspended today because of the extremely rare possibility of blood clots, but go ahead... tell a hypochondriac about how rare it is! Heh.


Boss Baby is ready to tell you whatever you need to know!

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*The Wake Up will be perfect for Book Bingo (sounds like it's a GO!) if I get "supernatural fiction" or something similar!




I LOVE that quote, and will be thinking about it as I knit this evening. I find it so hard to provide comfort and support 1700 miles away from Ryan, but I can only imagine how difficult that is to do with your heartstrings stretched all the way to Australia. I will be thinking of Maddy on her upcoming birthday and hope you all have a wonderful video chat. It's easy to think of rare medical events as rare until the possibility exists that they might happen to you or someone you love. Boss Baby knows!

Robby H.

I think so many of us are tired and/or stretched to our limits these days. That's when we have to lean on each other. Sounds like your family has that lesson down, no matter how far the leaning has to be from. It's hard, but we're blessed with technology. I remember the year my sister lived in France and she was struggling, I tried to write to her every week on the same day so she'd have something to look forward to.... two weeks later. Here's hoping virtual time together tugs those heartstrings a little closer even for an hour.


It is so hard, especially when it's the stupidity of other people who are making this thing last longer. But I regularly think about the last worldwide pandemic and how we're so much more equipped to deal with this one -- we have so much technology that's enabling us to stay connected with our loved ones even if we can't be with them physically. I truly believe that we're in the home stretch on this and won't have to wait too much longer before we can travel and be together again.

(Also, the J&J thing? It's a less than a 1-in-a-million risk. I saw some comparison stats yesterday, and it turns out you're actually more likely to get hit by lightning than get a blood clot from the vaccine.)


Boss Baby!! LOL What a face...what a picture...love it! I was thinking of you the other day and am so glad Ali is close by (and the kiddos!!). It has got to be hard to have Maddy across the world and Kate on her way shortly. It was a rough year for me when Colin taught in South Korea. Mailing's Mom got the J&J shot some time back and has had no issues.


I think that the pause was to just make sure that physicians know what to look for and more especially, how to treat these clots (they cannot be treated with Heparin) and I expect that the pause will be un-paused very soon. I listened to Vivek Murthy last night and felt very reassured.

Not being near when your kids are in need is just the worst feeling ever. I hope that you birthday call will bring cheer to all of you!

(but that baby... oh my goodness! That is a face you just can't say no to! LOL)


Heartstrings may not be meant for knotting, but they certainly can be stretched and stretched until you feel like they're going to give way. Hang on.

It's the hands on the hips that sell the Davy photo. He is SERIOUS.


Sometimes being a mom is hard, you have to support your kids and hold them up and then you needf someone to hold YOU up from doing that. I'm sure Rusty is there for you. And Boss Baby! Oh my goodness, that face!!

Susanne Scheurwater

It is hard enough right now but when our kids are hurting and they are not close enough to embrace, hug or whatever is needed, it is a parents' heartache!! I am with you kiddo!!!
Boss baby means business I'd say!!
What a great look!


It's hard enough to have those strings pulled and stretched so far you think they'll break ... having them in a tangle makes that pulling even harder. I'm glad you've made birthday plans - thank goodness for technology! and thank you for that closing photo. He's a hoot!

(and p.s. Book Bingo is most definitely a GO!)


First . . . Boss Baby! XOXOXO
Second . . . I have had many a call with a tearful Erin this year. Pandemic stress is so real . . . and working all year from a corner of her living room with no chance to travel or do much of anything at all and no end in sight . . . well. You know.
Third . . . Sending the good juju for Annie. (The numbers are certainly on her side, and at least she will know what to watch out for now.)


No knots but lots of stretch in my heartstrings. Zoom has been my link to my 3 girls and their spouses (2 of them). I am feeling an urgent need for hugs. Can you get hugs from your grandies? Davy is a hoot!
He looks like he might start yelling any minute. Maddy is like all our girls-- missing her mom! A zoom birthday drink with all of you should help a little. Tell Annie that she will certainly be in the majority. Do they not have vaccines in her home country? July at your house must be special for you and Rusty!!

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