Spring is springing

Springing continues

Tulips will soon be blooming, the rhubarb, irises and bleeding heart are starting to come up, and the bloodroot is literally EXPLODING out of the ground.


One of my favorite phases of the bloodroot emergence is the "cloaked" period, where the leaf slowly unfurls to reveal the flower bud -- it looks like it's wearing a cloak. This year, within a very short time, it was cool, then a little wet, and then HOT, and those flowers are just not waiting for the leaf/cloak to open, they're just pushing right through the top! Crazy.

You might spot a few snowdrops in that photo. There must be a million of them in bloom in the ravine!!

Kate & I had our second Pfizer jabs on Wednesday morning, and ran a few errands on the way home. Then I helped her move some things into a storage unit, but not before closing the car door on my hand.


OWIE!! That's also hard to capture in a photograph. The bruising is evident today into my index &  middle fingers. Thankfully, I had full use/movement right away, though certainly tweaked a nerve or tendon in there -- thankfully, that was only temporary and I haven't had any more "tweaked" feelings. I grabbed an ice pack right away and iced it in between moving two loads into storage.

And then I took a nap.

Because I had a reaction to the first dose of the vaccine -- somehow getting through the day-after at work -- this time, I took a precautionary day off and I really needed it! I slept most of the morning yesterday, with pretty low energy otherwise. (Good for crochet, and watching Monty Don!) It's so crazy how Kate & Rusty had no real reactions at all... nor did they suffer all that much when we actually had Covid (not that I'd want them to suffer!), and wonder if there's a correlation. I sort of doubt it, as there are no doubt countless random contributing factors.

I shall leave you with one of the best pick-me-ups I've had all week. I nabbed this screenshot from a Snapchat video that Ali sent the other day. Ginny & Malina were giving Davy a push in a swing at the park. He was loving it! And I sure wish you could hear it!


Have a great weekend!




oh my goodness - I hope your hand feels better! and thank you for that last smile :-)


Yikes, I'm sorry about your hand! I hope it looks worse than it feels.

I am delighted to see that big smile from your usually serious Davy!

Robby H.

If a giggling smile like that can't lift your spirits... what can?!

Hope the hand and the vaccination are both well on to recovery by now. I haven't slammed my fingers in a door since I was a kid, but the thought still makes me cringe.


I grew up in a house in the woods and I loved going out with my grandmother ever year to look for bloodroot. We also dug up sassafras root to make tea. She said it was a spring tonic, and I think I could use one this spring. But I did get a big smile at that photo of Davy!


"And then I took a nap." One of my life philosophies for sure.

And YIKES on the hand! Hope you're feeling better now.

Margene Smith

The information around here is if you've had COVID your reaction to the shot will be greater. The doctors said you should be weeks or months out from your diagnosis to have the shot. Your hand sounds (and looks) painful! I love all the photos of your ravine and the newly blossoming flowers! Spring is a hopeful, beautiful time of year!

Susanne Scheurwater

I can only imagine the sound with that smile on his face!! Your Grands have the BEST SMILES!!
Yes, spring is here although we had a dump of snow yesterday but it should be gone by Tuesday!


I am picturing all of those snow drops and smiling at how delightful it must look. Sorry about your hand, I hope you can still knit! I felt pretty lethargic after my 2nd Pfizer dose but that was about it.


Owie for sure. Hope your hand heals up quickly.

Oh that baby photo. I can hear the sweet giggles in my mind.

Wishing you a week full of happy giggles.


I cringed at the hand in the car door- that is painful! Your reaction to jab #2 was similar to mine- at least now we can feel somewhat protected. Love the swing pic of Davey I could just imagine the sound of laughter and I'm sure the girls loved that reward for their efforts. Your flowers fill me with hope for a better spring!

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