And then they were all 30-something

Thank you!!

I have to say THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes for Maddy and comments on my last post. It was one of those fluky posts where I didn't get notified of comments (the hyphen? the word "something"?), so I wonder where y'all are for a while and then I see that you've dropped by but it's a PITA to reply without the notification email (and I've been struggling with replies lately, anyway).

  • It IS a milestone to have all my kids in their 30s!
  • Count me IMPRESSED with your ability to not only spot but even to recognize/name the knits!
    • I started Oblique for me, finished it almost 10 years later for Maddy.
    • Cowl by Kate! She knit cowls for both Maddy & Viv (sent "for Christmas").
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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That was quite the To-Do List the other day, huh? It's the LONG VERSION, for sure, and so comprehensive, that I'm making it my Master List! So far, we've made some good progress in one category:


  • Compost, topsoil, mulch where needed
  • Repair pergola planter & ready for the Snowcicle Oakleaf Hydrangea
  • Ready garden areas for veg/herb plants (picking up 5/20)
  • Stump grinding scheduled (Monday 5/3)
    • Kill the snow on the mountain (death by a thousand cuts) - started
  • Plant all the other plants on order!
  • Paint garage & back door


Rusty makes the first pass, basically defoliating the snow-on-the-mountain.
Fingers crossed... I haven't had anyone share a success story.

The hydrangea was delivered & planted right away. That's some lovely moss up there that I hope will fill in that entire area between the walkway and the garage. We've also planted a few very small yews & things that we hope will quickly grow to provide some privacy (more accurately, to block out the view to the neighbors'). And all the other hardy perennials have also been planted. I'll be taking delivery of a few more plants over the next few weeks.

I got a call on Tuesday about the stump grinding that they were hoping to do Wednesday or Thursday morning (depending on weather). I woke up early Wednesday morning and had the sudden realization that I never saw the flags or markings from Diggers Hotline (gas & water are very near the stump on the west side)... so texted my guy (early on Wednesday morning) and let him know! He must have been on the horn right away because flags & paint were beginning to appear even before noon yesterday. Grinding is scheduled for Monday!

And, lo, a potential new category has already been added to the list!


I'll have an update next week on whether it becomes an actual category.




I'm not sure I can hang on until next week to hear the story behind that last photo!


I'm with Carole! Your blog-reading audience wants answers! (We need the story behind the photo even if it doesn't become an actual category.)


I feel like you've just shared a teaser for an HGTV renovation program with that last photo!


That IS a teaser. We all need/want to know more. Good luck with all your yard/gardening things. That's a lot!!!


Ooo! My curiosity is piqued with that last photo! (and you know that Knitters Everywhere love to identify handknits!)


The people are CLAMORING for more details, Vicki!!!! (I hate suspense.) (But it looks like a fascinating project? category? new direction?)


I'm looking forward to watching the progress of the plants. Is that Ally's kitchen?

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