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The Earth Day Birthday Girl

Another throwback photo, found yesterday when I was cleaning/sorting/tossing stuff (instead of working on taxes).


Kate is 36 today! She says she's about 16 in this photo, and she's probably right. Sheesh. She bought the car (her first) when she was in high school, and took it to college, too.

Late yesterday afternoon, we took off for Madison... destination L'Etoile.

Two weeks ago, we were sitting out on the pergola, fresh from Pfizer Jab #2, when I read that the announcement that L'Etoile was open again and accepting reservations. I booked then & there... for two weeks from the date (fully vaccinated!), which was the day before Kate's birthday (let's call it a combo birthday/farewell), and checking off one of my bucket list items.

It was definitely one of the finest dining experiences I've ever enjoyed, beginning with tiny savory macarons! We also enjoyed a delicious "take" on French Onion Soup.

First Course:

Kate - Scarpinocc (lamb, chevré, green garlic, watercress, pecorino)
Rusty & Vicki - Kinilaw (red snapper, ceviche, coconut, lime, chocolate, cilantro)

Second Course:

Kate - Roasted Chicken (maitake, corn polenta, ramps, chanterelle conserva, honey mustard jus)
Rusty - Masa Fried Halibut (sea scallop, carrots, ancho chili, citrus pico de gallo)
Vicki - Rainbow Trout (watercress, summer truffle, smoked trout chawanmushi, lemon vinaigrette)

Third Course:

Kate - Beehive (brown sugar cake with lemon curd and strawberry buttercream, honeycomb crunch, honey ice cream, strawberry sauce)
Rusty & Vicki - Chocolate Pavlova (the description is no longer there, but with cherries & cherry sorbet, and delicious!)

Chef Tory Miller is an Iron Chef with whom I have one degree of separation, and L'Etoile has been on my radar for years. It was so worth the 4-hour round trip!


We were sent home with a lovely reminder... for today's breakfast.




Happy Birthday to Kate (love the car!) and may you all have many happy and delicious memories of L'Etoile!

Caffeine Girl

L'Etoile -- what a perfect place to celebrate! I also like Graze, their more casual restaurant.
After June 11, you better let me know when you come to Madison. It would be so much fun to eat and knit!


Reading the menu and dying of jealousy. I lived in Madison once long ago and loved it. Apparently L'Etoile there then but was no doubt out of my price range. I'm glad you got to have that experience.

Robby H.

What a lot to celebrate! Birthday(s)! Moving adventures! Fully vaccinated! It looks like a fabulous meal.


Happy Birthday Kate!! That meal sounds incredible - what a great way to celebrate!


Mmm, my mouth is watering! Sounds like it was well worth the trip and quite a celebration!


Happy Birthday Kate - and oh my goodness that birthday/farewell celebration dinner sounds amazing! (sigh. I can't wait to go to a restaurant again ... maybe in June!)

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