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Right Now: To Do

Oh my goodness, it's the time of year when I start to go a little bonkers with all of the To-Do Lists & things floating around in my brain! Seems like a good time to write it out (in no particular order, though some things are time sensitive), and this doesn't all fall solely on ME!



  • Ginny's 5th Birthday / Kate's Going Away / Mothers' Day Extravaganza!


  • Finish Hexie Love Actually
  • Assess remaining yarn (Unicorn Tails)


  • New tires (because one is flat-flat-flat)
  • Replace at least one amber marker light assembly
  • Replace at least one tail light lens/assembly
  • Figure out water/plumbing situation


  • Re-do caulk in bathroom/tub


  • Continue cleaning/purging of laundry/computer room in order to...
  • Lay new floor in laundry/computer room
  • Reconfigure computer desk/area
  • Get some estimates for refinishing the kitchen floor
  • Have the bedroom carpeting cleaned
  • Clean my workroom


  • Compost, topsoil, mulch where needed
  • Repair pergola planter & ready for the Snowcicle Oakleaf Hydrangea
  • Ready garden areas for veg/herb plants (picking up 5/20)
  • Stump grinding scheduled (date TBD)
    • Kill the snow on the mountain (death by a thousand cuts)
  • Plant all the other plants on order!
  • Paint garage & back door


  • Finish them!

Spring Cleaning

  • Refrigerator (continue)
  • Recessed lights in kitchen
  • Upper cabinets in kitchen
  • Windows
  • Wipe down bathroom walls
  • Clean out dresser/cedar chest/closet/under the bed
  • Clean out upstairs linen closet/bedroom


  • Start the remaining Safe At Home pillows
  • Make a sweater?
  • Teach Junah & Ginny to knit


  • Dye some yarn!
  • Tie-dye / Indigo w/Boys & Kids (Auntie Camp)



  • Mom's Log Cabin
  • Cheater Quilt for Junah
  • Wedding Ring (kit)
  • Figure out what to do with: Black & White w/a little Red


  • Spit for 23andMe


*The first campground reservation has been made! We'll definitely go out prior to this, but Rusty will be teaching a weekend workshop in September and he suggested that we camp! I've already scoped out a brewery and we'll be very near Wollersheim Winery & Distillery. I am hoping to arrange/rent summer storage for Ducky in a recently vacated spot right across the street (instead of in our driveway).

**Current guests have been here since just after Christmas (!!), and will be departing by May 2nd. It's the longest anyone has been up there since I switched it from long-term to short-term rental, and I'm dying to get back up there. I have a few guests booked for various weeks through the summer and into September, but the most exciting thing of all is that Annie & her family will be up there for three weeks in June!!

***The Molina pattern was assembled & cut out last night! I'm planning on using a gigantic scale sort of abstract floral print that I ordered from Spoonflower quite a while ago... hopefully all the pieces will fit (fingers crossed).



Robby H.

That will be such fun to have your sister and family staying with you, but a little space for everyone for that long. I haven't sewn clothing since 7th grade (the trauma is real!), but you're tempting me with the elegant lines of that tunic. Good luck making progress on all, especially when the progress involves delegating.


I sure hope this a big, comprehensive list of EVERYTHING because I'm feeling slightly exhausted just reading it! But I'm glad to see that it includes fun stuff like a Big Party, finish your Hexie Love, ventures with Ducky, and Anne and her family. (I don't think I've put "spit" on a list!)


That's a LOT of stuff on your list! It makes me feel slightly lazy, hahaha!


I'm feeling tired just LOOKING at that list! Though I'm sure if I put together a list of things I have to do, in general, over the next several months it'd be just as long. I do love that you have things that you want to do for fun (like all the crafting) mixed in with the not-so-fun.


Well that list is intimidating. I'm looking forward to the pix as you make it thru the list. Ducky is certainly an ongoing project. Hope you get to camp over the summer.


Wow, Vicki - that's a lot of to-do's and also some very FUN stuff coming up! LOVE that you're going to teach Ginny and Junah to knit AND sew and the camping/backyard plans sound awesome for summer. Good Luck with all of it!!


That's QUITE a list, Vicki!!!! So much very good stuff. (Ginny? FIVE????) Good luck with the Snow-on-the-Mountain. That stuff??? Insidious. . .

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