Birthday Bonanza Begins
My Back Yard

Weekending: Birthday Chaos!

We had a fun & raucous birthday chat on Saturday! Here are four screen shots and you can see everyone involved, including Viv and her new nephew Arthur! Maddy & Viv were visiting Viv's family in Wagga Wagga, and the rest of us were in various locations at our house!


Yep, that's a diaper change happening right before your eyes (he looks so happy about it)!

Hope you had a fun, weekend, too.



Robby H.

Fun! And, "Happy Birthdays!"


Those are great screenshots! I love the diaper change and the boss baby expression in the first one. Happy Birthdays to All!


LOL over the diaper change - I bet he was happy!! And Davy! He has mastered the Boss Baby look, hasn't he? Y'all look so happy and joyful. Fun times!!


Ah, the wonders of modern technology, allowing us all to experience real life -- including diaper changes! (At least the smell doesn't come through the video!)


How delightful to get everyone on one screen ... and the facial expressions from the youngest to the oldest are priceless!


I'm so glad you all could celebrate together! It looks like a fabulous time for everyone. XO


Happy happy times- Davey is so funny! Malina made quite a face. Thanks for sharing.

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